Bill Gates and his weekend habits to get to Monday with all the energy

Bill Gates recounted that, in his first years at the helm of Microsoft, I didn’t take days off or vacations. He recently recognized that it was necessary for the growth of the company, later internalizing that it had been “very intense” with himself.

Today, with all its interests already consolidated and in sustained growth, Bill Gates is someone else. He has developed weekend habits that allow him to take the pressure off himself, so he can start Monday full of energy.

Let’s see some of the most recurring activities of the billionaire for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In 2014, Bill Gates recounted in a reddit session something he enjoyed in his free time. “play bridge It’s outdated, but I really like it,” said the Microsoft founder.

Also: “I was watching my daughter horseback riding this weekend, and that’s a bit old-fashioned, too, but fun.” Her eldest daughter, Jennifer, is not only an Amazon, but is also married to an Egyptian businessman and horseman, Nayel Nassar.

It adds a third enjoyment: do the washing up. “I do it every night; other people volunteer, but I like how I do it,” she said in the same Reddit session.

Playing sports is a passion for Bill Gates

Although he has the whole image of the calm and uneventful type, Gates is a sports lover, specifically pickleball. He describes it as “a mix of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. And if you haven’t heard of him, I hope you soon will.”

“I look forward to playing a game of pickleball with friends and family at least once a week and more often during the summer,” stated the billionaire on his blog.

“I am also a lifelong tennis player, and for me the matches complement each other. Pickleball has helped me become a better tennis player and tennis has done the same for my pickleball game.”

The good company of friends

Finally, for a long time Bill Gates shared with an old girlfriend and then a good friend, Ann Winbland. both enjoyed weekends at the beach with the consent of his ex-wife, Melinda, and Ann’s husband, Edward Kline.

According to TBS, they would vacation every once in a while at a beach house on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. “The couple spend their getaway every spring riding buggies, hang gliding and taking walks on the beach”, details the portal.

We do not know if he continues with this custom, but it’s part of spending time with the people you like the most.

Everything to start with strength and energy on Monday.

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Bill Gates and his weekend habits to get to Monday with all the energy