Baseball card featuring Mark Zuckerberg sells for more than $120,000

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mark zuckerberg he is one of the richest men in the world (he is ranked 23rd in the billionaires of Bloomberg) and it seems that everything that has to do with him—not just what he creates—is synonymous with success and money.

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A clear example of the above is a card of the little league in which the owner of Meta appears and which was auctioned in $120,000 dollarsin just five days.

The collector’s item is printed with the photograph of Mark Zuckerberg, who was part of a team Red Robinsin the 1992 season and is also autographed.

The stamp with the image of the tycoon was put up for auction by the company Comic Connectwhich put an initial price of one dollar.

According to the organizing company, Mark Zuckerberg’s letter was not expected to generate so much interest; however, it was sold for more than $120,000 to an unnamed collector who has other valuable legends cards from the MLBWhat Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.

Mark Zuckerberg and baseball

Mark Zuckerberg played in Little League, on a team of Westchester, New York; In addition, on the cardboard he mentions that his favorite player was roger clemens Y your favorite team, the yankees.

The Facebook owner posted a .920 batting average in the 1992 Little League season, with 23 hits and one home run.

The card signed by Mark Zuckerberg was also sold as a NFT for which they were paid $1,345 dollars.

This type of collectible was ordered by the organizers of the contests so that the relatives of the players would have a memory of their little ones playing baseball.

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Baseball card featuring Mark Zuckerberg sells for more than $120,000