Bad news for Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin suspended

The Blue Origin flightsthe aerospace company Jeff Bezoswere suspended by decision of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA, for its acronym in English), after a failure that occurred in a launch last Monday.

Blue Origin in the sights of the FAA after an anomaly in a flight

The project directed by Bezos, best known for having founded Amazon, is one of the private companies that has joined space exploration, a group in which it also appears Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

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The main milestone of that firm occurred last year, when it completed its first space travel with a crew of touristsamong which was Jezz Bezos himself.

This image provided by Blue Origin shows a space capsule after a failed launch, parachuting over the Texas desert, on Sept. 12, 2022. (Photo: Blue Origin/AP)

Blue Origin has so far not maintained a harmonious relationship with the US authorities. NASA has turned to SpaceX for its current missions to the International Space Station. Also, Bezos was pointed out by the US space agency as one of those responsible for the delays in the return to the Moon with the Artemis mission.

Now, The FAA will investigate the causes of the anomaly in the crashed Blue Origin flight made earlier this week. Until that process is completed, the tests that the company planned to carry out will be suspended.

Blue Origin: crashed launch details

  • The failure occurred a little over 1 minute after the launch of the Blue Origin mission NS-23which carried no passengers.
  • The takeoff was made to the west of Texas, during the morning of Monday.
  • The propellant accidentally activated the capsule’s exhaust system. This was ejected and made a successful landing with the parachute system.
  • For its part, the booster crashed to the ground.
  • No injuries or specific damage were reported. However, the vehicle contained 36 science and technology payloads, mostly belonging to NASA.

“It is a reminder of the risks of space flight”

The chairman of the Aeronautics and Space Subcommittee of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, Don Bayer, said in an official statement that the blue origin flight fail is “a compelling reminder of the risks of space flight.”

“I take our oversight role in the area very seriously. I will await further information from the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation as it begins its investigation of the anomaly experienced today,” he noted.

Bad news for Jeff Bezos: US suspends Blue Origin flights after rocket explosion

For Blue Origin missions to be reactivated, the FAA “will determine if any system, process, or procedure related to the mishap affected public safety.”

Apart from the acquaintances crosses between Bezos and the authorities in the USthe agency noted that investigation is “standard practice” after such an accident incident, and that the agency is “responsible for protecting the public during commercial space transportation launch and re-entry operations.”

Blue Origin Reviews

The cause of the anomaly has not yet been identified. the publication SpaceNews suggests there is a problem with the New Shepard’s BE-3 engine.

We’re not ready to talk about what really happened”, said Jarrett Jones, representative of Blue Origin. “It’s a little premature to assume it was something engine related,” he added.

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So far, Blue Origin has sent 31 people into space, on flights that slightly exceed 100 meters in altitude and that, based on that data, are considered suborbital trips.

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Bad news for Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin suspended