Artificial intelligences are the next revolution and the most important change: Bill Gates

Through Reddit, Bill Gates began a round of questions and answers where he pointed out that the next revolution in technology is artificial intelligence.

UNITED STATES.- In recent days we have seen how artificial intelligence has rapidly gained ground in the digital collective imagination; and, as is well known, each era of the Internet brings with it a ‘boom’; to Bill Gatesthe next revolution that will have a huge impact is the artificial intelligences.

According to the American tycoon and philanthropist, Bill Gates considers that artificial intelligence is much more revolutionary than Web 3 or the metaverse itself, since he stated, during a recent round of questions on Reddit that these will have “a huge impact.”

Likewise, the businessman spoke about ChatGPT and the capabilities that this language model developed by OpenAI implies.

Through the popular Reddit forum, the tycoon entered to do a question and answer session. However, a question that shocked users is related to the statements that the businessman issued a few years ago on a television program.

People are vastly overestimating what the Internet will be like 5 years from now and vastly underestimating what it will be like 10 years from now.”

To which a user on Reddit questioned whether, currently, there is a massive technological change in a similar phase that is at that time, to which the businessman issued a forceful response.

[La IA es actualmente el cambio más importante] I don’t think Web 3 is that big or that the metaverse by itself is revolutionary (…) AI is pretty revolutionary,” the businessman wrote.

Likewise, Gates maintains a similar opinion in relation to generative AI, which is a type of artificial intelligence aimed at creating new and original content.

[Estoy] quite impressed with the pace that improves (…) [y] It will have a huge impact,” he said.

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Artificial intelligences are the next revolution and the most important change: Bill Gates