Art created by AI: this is how the Meta tool advances to enhance creativity

Artificial intelligence technology is increasingly surprising – or disturbing to many. Recently, AI applications have begun to emerge that can create images on their own with just a word or information.

Projects like MidJourney, DALL-E, among others, are just the beginning of what the future holds for this type of platform that makes use of artificial intelligence to create images. The most recent exploit in this field was shared by Meta, formerly Facebook.

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, public on its Facebook account recently a truly amazing clip in which we can see Make-A-Scene in action, the platform that the company is developing as a tool for generation of digital images from text.

“I am very excited about AI-generated art. Our research team built a prototype that allows you to use a simple sketch along with text to generate images. Tools like this will be great for creators, especially when building immersive 3D worlds.” Zuckerberg assured in his post.

In a post published on the Meta AI page, the creators of the tool say that the idea is to provide more creative control for the generation of images with AI, as well as boost creativity for artists and non-artists alike.

Although it is in full development, the first revealed results of Make-A-Scene are still amazing. The artist or enthusiast only has to make a small sketch and write the description of what he wants to capture and the tool will take care of creating amazing works.

“We want to make it as easy for people to bring their vision to life in the physical world and metaverse as it is to publish to our apps today. This research effort is part of Meta’s commitment to exploring ways in which AI can empower creativity, whether it’s bringing your sketches to life in 2D, using natural language among other modalities to create 3D objects, building entire virtual spaces, or whatever. another creative project Meta concluded.

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Art created by AI: this is how the Meta tool advances to enhance creativity