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The Chamber of Deputies rejected two projects presented by the anti-vaccine deputy Jorge Brítez (Independent), who intended to approve declarations of censorship against the social network Facebook and against the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). The legislator threatened Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg with staging an escrache at his home if he blocked his account again.

Deputy Jorge Britezopenly declared anti-vaccine and denier of the covid-19 pandemic, wanted two projects to be approved, one of them to repudiate the company Facebook and declare it as a “social censorship network” and on the other hand other projects for repel health recommendations of the WHO.

According to Brítez, the request for a statement is because the aforementioned social network blocked him for promoting “alternative therapies” to the treatment of covid-19 and also blocked the Deputies page, after a public hearing called by the legislator.

Obviously, the approach aroused widespread opposition from his colleagues, who requested rejection. deputies Raul Latorre, Justo Zacarías Irun (ANR, chartists) Y Sebastian Villarejo (PPQ) They reminded him that Facebook is a private company and that if you don’t agree with Facebook’s policies, you’re not required to join.

Brítez calls Zuckerberg “tilingo” and says he knows him

They even told him the obvious, that Zuckerberg didn’t even know him enough to pose a personal attack situation. “Of course this guy knows me wellhe knows politicians who are not for sale well”, responded Brítez and added that “to protect mark zuckerberg everyone gets angry, but to defend the people they shit”.

The negationist legislator even threatened the CEO of Meta, a business group of which Facebook is a part, with escracharlo at home.

“To Zuckerberg I say that if he blocks me one more time, I’m going to go to his house and write to him”, he said and also added that he will supposedly summon a “caravan to escrache this scoundrel”.

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Anti-vaccine deputy fails with censorship and threatens Mark Zuckerberg with escrache – Politics – ABC Color