Anne Wojcicki, the frightened biologist from Wall Street and divorced from Google who has promised to donate her entire fortune

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Caution: do not confuse Anne Wojcicki (48 years old) with Susan Wojcicki (53), her sister and star vice president of Google and now YouTube. They look quite similar physically and have even mixed personal and professional in a dangerous way. It is already a legend that Susan rented the google inventors, Larry Page and Sergei Binthe space in which they launched the company, becoming its first head of marketing in 1999. In 2007, moreover, he introduced Anne and Sergei and they ended up getting married, at 33, in a bathing suit and by the traditional Jewish rite in the Bahamas. What Google has united, let Google not separate.

Anne Wojcicki came to marriage with his own cool company in portfolio. We talk about 23andMe, a biotechnological startup dedicated to genomic analysis with which it revolutionized the market with its accessible tests: they went from costing millions to being able to be purchased for just $100. In fact, Bin invested in 23andMe to make it the final frontier of self-knowledge: one’s own genetics. In 2008, Time magazine honored the home-delivered saliva-based genetic testing business as “Invention of the Year.” You can explore the ethnic origin of your ancestors or certain health risks already inscribed in genetics. have already done more than 12 million people.

His company, 23andMe, revolutionized genetic testing by making it accessible

The truth is that Susan Wojcicki, an economist by training, succeeded in one of the most masculinized and sexist business sectors, while Anna Wojcicki, a biologist, she freaked out of wall street, where he ended up as an analyst after graduating. To rescue herself, she decided to take the exam that gives access to the Medicine degree, she got the degree (impressive) and became researcher specializing in genomics. 23AndMe made her a millionaire, but her marriage didn’t last more than eight years. After she dated Álex Rodríguez for a yearthe retired baseball player who almost married Jennifer Lopez.

I was on Wall Street in ’99 and 2000, a crazy time, in the style of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ or ‘Billions'”, Anna Wojcicki confessed in a recent interview for the podcast Stanford GSB: View From The Top. “It was crazy to live through all that and I learned a lot about what should never be done. In fact, one of my bosses ended up in jail. And I remember a lot of another that, when he got angry, he would throw the mobiles on the ground and destroy them “.

His fortune is estimated at more than 1,100 million dollars

At 23AndMe the obsession has turned 180 degrees: it’s not so much money as physical activity. “Never seen in a suit, but with shorts and t-shirts“, says Anna Wojcicki in the same interview. “I have people who use the elevator terrified. We promote exercise, healthy food, we do not have machines with soft drinks and we offer many facilities to take classes fitness, beginner or advanced level. And many yoga courses. Sometimes I even do yoga during meetings“.

Anne Wojcicki walks lightly, but since last month she has made sure that her heirs (she had two children with Sergey Brin) do too. Wojcicki is one of the last millionaires to join the ccommitment Giving Pledge, created by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates in 2010, to get the world’s rich to donate most of their fortune in life or in their will. That of the founder of 23AndMe is not small: she is valued at $1.1 billion.

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Anne Wojcicki, the frightened biologist from Wall Street and divorced from Google who has promised to donate her entire fortune