Ambition? NASA and Elon Musk go for an asteroid valued at $ 10 quadrillion

Maybe at some point you heard the name “Psyche 16“Otherwise, it is never too late. It is a asteroid discovered in 1852 who is in the crosshairs of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and billionaire businessman Elon Musk, who intends to reach him by collaborating with his Space X company.

Probably from the title of this text you understand why, but if not, we will see it in detail here. It is not because of its 226 kilometers in diameter, nor its location not so far from Earth, 370 million kilometers, but because estimates indicate that would be worth more than the global economy.

His approximate value of 10 quadrillion dollars, or 200 quadrillion pesos, are space bait for the ambitious human minds that in 2022 they plan to launch a reconnaissance mission looking to learn more about the meteorite found in the asteroid belt of Mars and Jupiter.

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If the calculations are true, NASA from the hand of Elon Musk would reach the celestial body that it would have been part of a planet that failed to materialize. Its main composition, according to scientific speculation, would be iron, nickel, platinum and gold. Literally a space mine ready to be exploited.

The ship that would be sent in 2022 by the United States (USA) space agency and Space X aims to reach the asteroid in 2026 and carry out exploration work to confirm whether it lives up to the name “golden asteroid.”

There is no doubt that science and technology surprise us more every day, with advances that a few decades ago would be considered science fiction, or even “ridiculous” by the most conservative sector of the scientific community.

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In the event of the arrival of NASA and Elon Musk’s company to “Psyche 16”It would be the first time that the space agency made contact with an asteroid of that composition.

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Ambition? NASA and Elon Musk go for an asteroid valued at $ 10 quadrillion