After laying off 11,000 workers, Meta now cancels two technology projects

has canceled two technology projects, according to US media. Mark Zuckerberg’s company fired almost half of its employees days ago and the billionaire had to take the blame for betting on the Metaverse, whose final results will be seen in a decade.

CTO Andrew Bosworth, who runs the metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division, told employees that Meta would finish its work on Portal smart display devices and its smart watches”, reports .

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Regarding the first equipment, the company already planned to stop producing them. “Meta had decided earlier this year to stop marketing Portal devices, known for their video calling capabilities, to consumers and focus instead on commercial sales.Bosworth said. As the economy declined, executives more recently decided to make “bigger changes,” he said.”, adds the medium.

The reason was economic, because it did not sell as much as expected. “Portal had not been a significant revenue generator and raised privacy concerns for potential users. Meta had not yet presented any smartwatches“, Add.

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Those who developed the so-called ‘Meta Watch’ will now focus on devices from the Metaverse. “Bosworth said that the smartwatch unit would focus instead on augmented reality glasses. More than half of the total investment in Reality Labs went into augmented reality, he added”, concludes the portal.

Meta laid off 11,000 workers a few days ago, the largest number in its history. Mark Zuckerberg took responsibility and pointed out that it is due to the company’s commitment to develop the Metaverse, which they consider to be the future of the internet. These layoffs and changes in the technological giants is a trend, since the same is happening in Twitter and Amazon, for example.

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After laying off 11,000 workers, Meta now cancels two technology projects