A game for Choco Flakes de Cuétara, the latest project with impact from the Aragonese Deusens

Aragon It is a land where metaverse projects have been carried out since long before the term became popular when in 2021 the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that he was changing the name of the social network to call it Meta. And although there are many disquisitions about what is and what is not a metaverse, one of the proper names that must be mentioned in this area is that of Deusens, a Zaragoza studio specialized in creating interactive technological solutions (which they call hyperexperiences) that combine development with creativityaccording to his own words.

“Since the metaverse exploded, a lot of news related to this world has come out and not all of them were generating value,” says Álvaro Monzón, head of Deusens, in relation to this fashionable topic. And it is precisely that question, the value creationthe one that has distinguished his company, reviews the restless entrepreneur, who is now talking with enthusiasm about one of his latest projects, the creation of a (video) game for Choco Flakes, from Cuétara, and the launch of this on Roblox, an ‘online’ video game platform where users can create their own virtual worlds. “From the Deusens team, together with our Playoffnations partners, we have worked tirelessly to conceptualize, design, develop and create every detail of this exciting game. We are very proud of the final result and we hope you enjoy it putting your gaming skills to the test” Monzón proclaimed a few days ago on the Linkedin professional network.

The person in charge of Deusens affirms that the pandemic has accelerated many actions in areas of new technologies, giving rise to a “virtualization” that has given more work to companies like his, for which they feel “lucky”. His company, he points out, has been in the gap for eight years and it is in these last two that all activities related to virtual and augmented reality have had more projection. “There are new ways of communicating, new users, new consumers”, indicates after reviewing how the communication of consumer brands such as those of Cuétara have had to evolve to meet the demands, among others, of the smallest members of the household. What they have done for Choco Flakes, he points out by way of example, are not typical advertisements, they are games. “It is a form of ‘branded content’, brand content, user experiences not necessarily related to the purchase of the product,” he explains.

In this new scenario, the creation by Deusens, which has very good content developers, of a ‘joint venture’ with Playoffnations, who knows the world of ‘influencers’ well. A new company called Alter Heaven, which is responsible for this Cuétara project and others that will soon be released.

Deusens registered in 2022 a vSales volume of more than one million euros after doubling its growth compared to the previous year and while preparing a very rosy future for the coming years. The company It already has 16 workers and is in the process of hiring 3 more. In its projection it has had wonderful springboards in the CIEM business incubator in Zaragoza, in Telefónica and in Lanzadera, the ‘start up’ platform of Juan Roig, owner of Mercadona, in Valencia.

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A game for Choco Flakes de Cuétara, the latest project with impact from the Aragonese Deusens