A Former Blue Origin Employee Says She “Wouldn’t Trust” Jeff Bezos’ Company Ships to Go to Space


30 sep 2021 23:13 GMT

A report released Thursday indicates that more than 1,000 incidents with the engines that power the company’s rockets have been documented but never addressed.

Alexandra Abrams, who was chief of communications for employees of Blue Origin, “would not trust” the ships of that company of Jeff Bezos to go to space, according to what she assured during an interview granted this Thursday to the CBS.

This September 30, along with 20 other employees or former employees of the company, Abrams released a report that indicates that already in 2018 a team had documented “more than 1,000 incidents related to the engines that power the Blue Origin rockets and that were never addressed “.

When the journalist Laurie Segall asked him if he would put his trust in a vehicle of that American aerospace transport company to travel to space, Abrams answered with a blunt “unfortunately no.”

“Culture of fear”

“You cannot create a culture of safety and a culture of fear at the same time. They are incompatible,” he continued. “Often when I was trying to reconcile what I was hearing from the engineers who were in charge of the vehicle and the leadership on risk and safety, I would go to the bosses and say, ‘OK, how am I supposed to think about this? ‘And usually the answer was,’ Well, that particular person just doesn’t have a high enough tolerance for risk, ‘”he said.

The former employee said she was fired after asking her bosses to help her implement stricter agreements, to allow Blue Origin workers to speak freely about alleged harassment cases or discrimination occurred within the company.

CBS News also spoke with five other co-authors of the report, who demanded anonymity for fear of retaliation. Several of them said they would not feel comfortable flying in a company spacecraft, claiming to have come under pressure as a result of the space race between the company and billionaires Elon Musk and Richard Branson.

“Pressure and impatience”

Captain Kirk from 'Star Trek' could take a trip into space on Jeff Bezos' ship and break a historical record at age 90

“It was great while Blue Origin was calm and steady and slow, until Jeff started to get impatient and Elon and Branson got ahead of themselves,” Abrams said about it. “And then we started to feel that growing pressure and impatience that would definitely seep in from the leadership,” he added.

The recent report also accuses the aerospace transportation company of being “plagued with sexism”. “Women at Blue Origin have been treated completely differently from men. Their ideas are not valued as much as theirs, they are not listened to,” said the former head of internal communications.

Meanwhile, Blue Origin has said that it does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, so the company will immediately investigate the reported events. For its part, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) announced that it will investigate the allegations on safety issues.

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