A fake Tesla account revolutionizes Twitter

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk It has been one of the economic snakes of the last few months. At the beginning of April of this same year, the tycoon born in Pretoria (South Africa) put on the table 44,000 million dollars42,334 million euros at the current exchange rate, to take over the technology company based in San Francisco.

After many tug of wars and with a few demands in the middle, Elon Musk took control of the social network A little less than a month ago and their problems began. The most striking has been the payment of a monthly fee eight euros to create an account with the brand check.

The idea of monetize due to the verification marks, the new one is not coming out as well as I expected Twitter owner. For a few days, you tell that imitate the officers of some of the largest corporations in the world are wreaking havoc and even causing them to lose real fortunes in a bag.

Account impersonation

The trolls of Twitter (people who intentionally seek to provoke controversy and conflict in order to have fun) have managed to get many users to take the bait of the tweets that launched and believed the barbarities that they published posing as large companies or the media.

Before Musk’s arrival, those accounts, despite having the Logo and the general appearance of the company the one they supplanted, they could be discovered by the lack of blue check mark. At present, and thanks to the fact that the identifying mark can be acquired by paying, the impersonation of accounts is having worse consequences.

Tesla’s verified account

Last Friday, November 11, a verified account under the name @TeslaRealbegan to post content as if it were the manufacturer of automobiles. Quickly, thousands of interactions were generated in just a few hours. Among all the publications, one took the cake.

In it, the Tesla profile impersonator wrote: “We are going to provide 10,000 of our vehicles to support the ukrainian army in their fight.” And he continued with a joke: “Our cars are the devices explosives most advanced on the market. Everybody talks about that Twitter burns in flames, but our cars they did it before it became cool.”

Although the profile had an inscription warning that it was a parody, the truth is that it created confusion among many users of the social network. Many people believed that Elon Musk I was able to write those affronts against the company you own. The account has already been suspended.

Tweets from the fake account posing as Tesla

The war against Tesla

The truth is that his own Musk and the shareholders of Tesla they go to the fight The new CEO of Twitter had to defend yesterday in court his remuneration of 55,000 million dollars in the car brand, accused by a small shareholder of unjustified enrichment.

It’s not just Elon Musk who is facing the lawsuit. The complainant, Richard Tornettahas also included all the board of directors car company electrical. He accuses them of giving in to pressure to provide him with the high economic amount for complying with the objectives business in a decade.

Although the truth is that until now the purposes that were requested to access the money have been fulfilling: capitalization improvements stock market and consolidation (11 of 12 points) in the productive facet.

Tornetta, on the other hand, believes that Musk has used the guarantee of those 55,000 million to acquire the social network, which he considers a fraud.

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A fake Tesla account revolutionizes Twitter