5 things you didn’t know about Mark Zuckerberg

The history of Facebook, many know it. But there are some pretty interesting details here. As a bonus, anecdotes about the life of the founder of the social network, Mark Zuckerberg.

Programming started very early.

Mark Zuckerberg started programming at a very young age. At the age of 12, he created zukknit, which is an email program that his father uses in his dental practice. This made it possible to communicate in local network Among computers The family and office located on the ground floor of the house. Thus, the receptionist can inform the dentist of the arrival of new patients without having to shout down the stairs.

Later, Mark Zuckerberg will be installed zukknit around your house.

It was created by an ancestor of Spotify.

In his senior year of high school, Mark Zuckerberg co-created the Synapse media player with Adam D’Angelo. It is an MP3 player that keeps track of the user’s favorite songs and creates playlists based on their selections. In short, thanks to artificial intelligence, the player has analyzed users’ music listening habits.

Microsoft was so interested in the invention that it sought to acquire the company and hire its founders. What the two friends rejected. Instead, they preferred to patent the technology and then go to college. As a little anecdote, Adam D’Angelo founded Quora afterwards.

war with twins

Long feud against Mark Zuckerberg over twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Apparently they accused him of stealing the idea from Facebook.

For the record, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss accused Mark Zuckerberg of independently developing thefacebook.com, while hiring him to work on their social networking project known as HarvardConnection. The goal was to create a social network that would act as a dating site for students. The two brothers together sent him a cease and desist letter.

The date of the end of the war: 2009, after a settlement of more than 60 million dollars. The battle lasted five years.

He did not create Facebook alone

In addition to Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Andrew McCollum also played important roles in the birth of the social network.

full board Born on February 4, 2004. Eduardo Saverin was in charge of creating a business plan and looking for investors. In a more artistic style, Andrew McCollum designed the first logo and UI icons. It is the first logo of full boardIt appeared on Al Pacino’s face. For his part, Dustin Moskovitz, then a roommate of Mark Zuckerberg, took on the role of co-founder and Chris Hughes was the spokesman.

In 2018, Dustin Moskovitz discussed his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg and Adam D’Angelo, co-founder of Synapse Media Player and founder of Quora. Can ReadAnd the “I’m still friends with them and we end up interacting in some way every other week”.

Salary of one dollar a year

In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s official salary was just $1. Anyway, that’s what we can read. Facebook Annual Proxy Statement Filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission five years ago.

As a reminder, in 2013, the CEO requested to reduce his base salary by $500,000. In 2017, he also resigned from participating in the company’s stock or bonus programs.

Additionally, your wealth is fueled by various other income. In this year 2022, it is worth $82 billion. Note that since last February, the American website Forbes, which updates its real-time ranking of the world’s greatest fortunes, has removed the businessman from the top 10 companies in the world, and now he is “only” the 13th person more rich on this planet.

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5 things you didn’t know about Mark Zuckerberg