4 things Bill Gates has spent the most on

Bill Gates decide to invest in the industry tour while it is experiencing the worst crisis in history. The magnate founder from Microsoft you have just expanded the limits of your financial empire with Four Seasons: with a investment For $ 2.2 billion, Cascade Investment (the company that manages its assets) has acquired half of the stake in the company from Saudi Arabia. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal thus increases his stake (he already owned a part of the chain’s shares) from 47.5% to 71.5%. A) Yes, Bill Gates is now, among other things, the principal shareholder of one of the chains from Hotels most famous luxury cars in the world.

With this acquisition decidedly unexpected gives a strong signal of hope to the tourism sector and for this reason the news immediately went around the world, but in reality the agreement with Four Seasons it’s just the last of one long serie from purchases of nine zeros that the founder from Microsoft lately. In particular, in addition to the strictly financial sector, it is still very active in the sector philanthropic with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (which Warren Buffet recently resigned from) The Foundation that he still manages with his ex-wife, was created to contribute to useful projects for the common good and to help solve the great problems of humanity, from the poverty until the climate crisis.

One billion dollars for clean energy

Among the latest great novelties of the Foundation is the launching from Breakthrough Energy Ventures a green fund in which Jeff Bezos and Richard Brandson have invested. Bill Gates has recently paid (another) a billion dollars, after a first tranche in 2015 that skyrocketed the value of the shares of the entire sector. This investment will be used to continue the investigation from energies alternatives to fossil fuels, thus contributing to the goal established since the Paris Agreements to make the world Carbon Neutral by 2050. A goal for which, Bill Gates (who always looks for strategies to learn more) wrote in his most recent book, you need innovations that make the technologies sustainable are more accessible than traditional ones.

301 million in the pharmaceutical sector

The purchase of 2 million shares from Schrodinger, a company that develops software for industry chemistry and has a portfolio of drug discovery programs, it caused an incredible sensation. A investment of 301 million dollars that will be useful, among other things, in the struggle against the pandemic since Schrodinger (collaborating with AstraZeneca) is also conducting anti-Covid drug research. As the stake in Schrodinger increased, Gates reduced to half from his commitment on Apple, Amazon and Alphabet (from Google) and sold all the shares of Uber and Alibaba.

78.5 million for telecommunications

A investment in the future also of 78.5 million from Dollars that Gates did a few months ago with Kymeta, a company from technology satellite based in Washington (after participating in the first round of fundraising with 60 million). Will help develop a antenna from flat screen which can be used in moving vehicles such as ambulances, providing internet connection and services from telecommunications.

Plus also invests in stocks in various types of Business What Canadian National Railway, Caterpillar, Wallmart, Ups y FedEx. Also, over the years, Bill Gates he has spent 700 million to buy 242,000 acres of land and become a large landowner in the United States (his nicknames include “Farm Bill”).

Article originally published in GQ Italy.

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