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the mythical application photoshop It is one of the most pirated in the world, because it is the best graphic editor and because its high price makes it prohibitive for many people. This could change if confirmed the free version which, it is rumored, is preparing Adobe.

Mark Zuckerberg has presented the long-awaited option for take your WhatsApp messages from an Android phone to an iPhoneand vice versa.

We already know all the details of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 that will arrive in Spainand of Amazon drones that will deliver packages.

technological news

If you have an AMD Ryzen processor with Windows 11, update your PC’s BIOS now to correct a serious frame drop problem. read the news

Instagram will help prevent the obsessive consumption of certain content in a non-invasive way. read the news

Unicode stands up to users and will not include more elements to a very popular category of emojis. read the news

Adobe would be preparing a free version of one of its most used programs. read the news

The brutal fall of Bitcoin that is dragging down a country. read the news

Russian hackers take advantage of new Microsoft vulnerability to attack Ukraine. read the news


The next Xiaomi 12S sets records on Geekbench and hints at the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1. read the news

Mark Zuckerberg surprise announces one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp. read the news

This is all we know about the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro, price included, and you will not like it. read the news

The Nothing Phone (1) is seen in the hands of the company’s founder before its official launch. read the news

Galaxy Z Flip 3 vs YouTuber, screen folding competition where the machine beats the human. read the news

This is how RECICLOS works, the mobile application that wants to encourage us with prizes when recycling. read the news

How to use Google Translate in 2022 and hidden tricks to get the most out of it. read the tutorial

computers and tablets

The PC case that is probably worth more than your entire computer (GPUs included). read the news

Millions of Windows 10 users are making a fatal mistake every time they use the browser. read the news

A laptop with an e-ink screen, Paper Laptop may make more sense than you think. read the news

How to flip a table in Excel with the transpose function. read the tutorial


All the details of the version of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 that will arrive in Spain are filtered. read the news

This is how the drone with which Amazon will start delivering packages in the US works read the news

Amazon Prime Day 2022: what is it, when does it start and what can we expect this year. read the report

How to fight the heat wave if you don’t have air conditioning. read the news

The low-fat Japanese ice cream that sweeps Mercadona. read the news

entertainment and gaming

The maid’s tale continues and we already have a date for season 5: it will arrive this year. read the news

Apple TV + offers you one of the best science fiction series of today for free. read the news

Months later, Spotify is still mulling over its misinformation problem: Will it moderate content? read the news


Silicon battery charging technology that allows a car to reach 98% charge in 10 minutes. read the news

Google Maps for Android and iPhone already integrates toll prices when managing your trip. read the news

Unlimited autonomy on the road with this inductive charging car in the purest Scalextric style but wireless. read the news

Your pocket will not like it, but you should do it every time you go to the gas station. read the news

science and culture

The probability that you have that a robot ends up taking your job. read the news

The surreal conversation between NASA and Voyager 1, a mystery of difficult solution. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Yamaha’s upright turntable and other impossible instruments (video). read the news

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32 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest