30 Israelis appear on Forbes’ 2022 billionaires list

Jewish Link.- Thirty Israelis made the Forbes 2022 billionaires list released Wednesday, including tech entrepreneurs, shipping magnates and a Hollywood producer involved in the Benjamin Netanyahu corruption trial, reported The Times of Israel.

The highest ranked Israeli was Miriam Adelsonlisted as the 50th richest person in the world with a net worth of $27.5 billion.

adelson It is Israelbut Forbes placed it in the USA in his annual ranking, since he has US citizenship and lives in Las Vegas.

adelson debuted on the list in 2021 after her casino magnate husband sheldon adelsonHe died at the beginning of the year. He was a mega-donor to the Republican Party and the publisher of Yisrael Hayom.

Miriam Adelson she inherited most of her late husband’s fortune and became the world’s new richest billionaire last year, ranking 24th on the list of Forbes. It lost about $360 million in the last year.

Eyal Oferthe head of Offer Global HoldingsHe was the richest person in Israel on the list, at 117th with a fortune of $15.4 billion derived from assets in the real estate and shipping industries.

His brother, Idan Oferis the next richest Israeli, at 188th with $10.5 billion in transportation and energy interests.

The two are sons of the Israeli shipping tycoon Sammy Oferwho was once the richest man in Israel.

Brothers Dmitry and Igor Bukhmangame company owners Playrixranked 275th with $8.1 billion.

Arnon Milchanan Israeli Hollywood film producer and a key witness in the trial of Netanyahuwas the 851st richest person at $3.5 billion.

adam neumannthe founder of WeWork, ranked 2076 with $1.4 billion. He gave up WeWork in 2019 after the company’s disastrous IPO attempt, which was blamed in part on his management. That year, he had $4.1 billion.

Roman Abramovich, a Russian who holds Israeli citizenship and had been touted as the richest Israeli, was ranked 350th with an estimated net worth of $6.9 billion, up from $14.5 billion last year. He was ranked among 83 Russians on the list.

Forbes said 34 Russians left the list of billionaires after the Russian invasion of Ukrainethe biggest drop of any country except China, which lost 87 billionaires due to a government tech crackdown.

Abramovich has been sanctioned by European Union and the United Kingdombut not for USA.

The richest person in the world was Elon Muskthe founder of Tesla Y SpaceXwith $219 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos from amazonwith $171 billion.

US tech giants Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison and Steve Ballmer, as well as US investor Warren Buffet, were also in the top 10.

Jewish former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloombergranked 12th with $82 billion, and mark zuckerbergfrom Facebookranked 15th with $67 billion, a sharp drop from the previous year.

former US president donald trump it was ranked 1,012 with $3 billion.

Josh Kushnerbrother of Jared Kushnerbecame the first in his family on the list with a net worth of $2 billion from venture capital investments.

There were 2,668 billionaires in the world, down 87 from last year, with a total worth of $12.7 billion, it said. Forbes.

A total of 236 new billionaires were added to the list, including the pop star Rihanna and the director Peter Jacksonand 329 people were left off the list. USA had the largest number of total participants, with 735, followed by Chinawith 607.

The world’s billionaires overall lost $400 billion dollars in the last year.

the french Françoise Bettencourt-Meyersbeauty company heiress The real, was the world’s richest woman and was listed with her family in 14th place, along with 327 other women on the list. The richest woman who made herself was Fan Hongwei of China, which runs the chemical supply company Hengli Petrochemicalwhich was ranked 88th with $18.2 billion.

In 2017, 10 young Jews appeared on the list of Forbes of the richest in the field of internet technology.

Cover Photo: Top Right: Miriam Adelson speaks at the American-Israeli Council conference in Hollywood, Florida, on Nov. 30, 2018. (Perry Bindelglass/American-Israeli Council/via JTA); top left: Eyal Ofer (Courtesy: Ofer Global); Bottom right: Adam Neumann, WeWork co-founder and CEO, attends the Nasdaq opening ceremony in New York on Jan. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File); bottom left: Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and philanthropist. (Courtesy of Bloomberg Philanthropies)

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30 Israelis appear on Forbes’ 2022 billionaires list