10 companies that Jeff Bezos is investing in

Jeff Bezos has an immense fortune thanks to his work with Amazon and now with Blue Origin, and – following the example of other billionaires – he has put his money to work by investing in various companies around the world.

Bezos has an investment firm called Bezos Expeditions Through which it makes investments in companies or shares, this being a way to generate more money by making these companies grow. The truth is Expeditions He’s been pretty right on some of his bets, and he’s got a pretty valuable portfolio. If you are thinking of investing, these are the ones you should have in your sights:

Uber Technologies, Inc

One of the main investments of Jeff Bezos You are in Uber, the transport company through app that has become synonymous with requesting a trip over the Internet. But Bezos He has not invested only now that the company is a success but he began to pay attention to the company in 2011 when he was just in the United States with a few cars and minimal profits that are not compared to today, having shares with quite high value , adding to the fortune of Bezos.

Twitter, Inc

Curious that the platform where Elon Musk usually send more direct messages to Jeff Bezos be one in which you invest the most. Twitter, of course, and it’s not a recent investment anyway. In 2008, when the company was not yet public and the boom of social networks in the world was near, the man inserted 15 million dollars into the company, whose shares today are worth more than 6.03 billion.

Airbnb, Inc

Airbnb It is currently one of the best valued companies, even after the crisis that brought on the Coronavirus pandemic, and Bezos Expeditions He seemed to know that the company was going to have this impact by investing $ 112 million in 2011.


Domo, Inc.

House is a cloud software company that has been a target for investors since 2018 when it went public. However, from years before, in 2013, Expeditions made an investment of 60 million dollars. Now each share is worth 5 times that.

Nautilus Biotechnology, Inc

Nautilus is a biotechnology company that focuses on modernizing the development of modern medicines. This year, Amazon announced that it would invest 15 million in the company through Bezos Expeditions.

Air Transport Services Group, Inc

This is an aviation holding company that manages the aviation operations of Amazon, whose investment also came this year with a deal valued at 135 million dollars for 13.5 million shares, and in fact currently already has 40% of shares.

Vital Farms, Inc

Another bet that was made this year. Bezos Expeditions He invested $ 32 million in this company that produces grass-raised eggs (with animals that are free, not in factories), this being the cruelty-free future for food production.

Remitly Global, Inc

Remitly is a digital remittance company that charges a small commission to transfer money to other countries, and before it went public, Bezos was one of the first investors with brutal support of $ 505 million, which has been worth every penny due to the impressive growth the company has had.


NextDoor is one of the most interesting companies on the list, being a social network service focused on neighborhoods, to connect people from the same place, separating itself from other more global networks. Bezos invested since 2013 and this 2021 could be the year where he begins to aim higher with more and more people joining the platform.


Another company focused on food production. Plenty is focused on vertical agriculture technology, and has had the support of Bezos Expeditions since 2017 with a massive investment of 200 million dollars.

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