Replaces Facebook: Zuckerberg creates “meta accounts” to log into his virtual reality glasses

Replaces Facebook Zuckerberg creates meta accounts to log into his.webp

Mark Zuckerberg will replace Facebook so that users can access the metaverse. Meta’s CEO announced that the company is changing the way Internet users connect to their Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses. Meanwhile, Meta will stop requiring users to log into their VR headsets through an account on Facebook, its flagship social network, after facing … Read more

This Saturday, in Mujerhoy, Sheryl Sandberg, the right hand of Mark Zuckerberg, talks about her departure from Facebook

This Saturday in Mujerhoy Sheryl Sandberg the right hand of

After 14 years as Mark Zuckerberg’s right-hand man, Sheryl Sandberg, the most powerful woman in the technology sector, retires. We spoke with the board that she encouraged and served as an example for other colleagues to be ambitious, when she faces the last stage of her departure from Facebook. “I need to help women, I … Read more

Bill Gates: young people should not work for money but for goals that make them feel fulfilled

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The businessman assures that intelligent people should work in companies that have environmental causes. By In matters of management, Bill Gates always gives something to talk about and after an event of TechCrunch, he did it again. The tycoon made a call, especially to young people and people with high intelligence coefficients. Gartes affirms … Read more

Meta presents an AI model capable of translating into 200 languages

Meta presents an AI model capable of translating into 200

Google Translate has found a competitor. Meta created a unique AI model capable of translating into 200 different languages, including languages ​​such as Kambra, Somali, Indonesian, Basque or Catalan. The technology, under the name ‘No Language Left Behind’ (NLLB-200), is part of a project developed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company that aims to encourage the use … Read more