Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Elon Musk: the careers studied by the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Jeff Bezos Bill Gates or Elon Musk the careers studied

Although university degrees are generally given enormous importance, the reality is that not all the world’s great tycoons have finished their studies. Some businessmen, like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, decided to drop out of college to focus on their projects, while others, like Jeff Bezos, did end up graduating. The five habits that Bill … Read more

Why Amazon’s Post-Bezos Experiment Didn’t Go As Planned

Why Amazons Post Bezos Experiment Didnt Go As Planned

Whether through bad luck, bad decisions or a combination of both, Andrew Jassy has left a lot to be desired as the second CEO in the history of Amazonafter Jeff Bezos gave him the position in July 2021. In what some analysts are calling the “post-Bezos experiment,” Jassy has since dealt with continued stock … Read more

Why Bill Gates Says ChatGPT Is The Biggest Technological Advance

Why Bill Gates Says ChatGPT Is The Biggest Technological Advance

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that the language generation artificial intelligence (AI) tools of Open AI are one of the two revolutionary technologies that you have come across in life. (See: Company seeks experts in controlling ChatGPT). The 67-year-old billionaire and philanthropist sees the promise of this new technology as the “Most important technological advance … Read more

Bill Gates lanza una preocupante predicción sobre la inteligencia artificial y una futura desgracia para la humanidad

Bill Gates lanza una preocupante prediccion sobre la inteligencia artificial

La inteligencia artificial sigue su camino y avanza a pasos agigantados, llenando, cada vez más, los vacíos existentes desde que fue lanzada hace algunos años y entregando soluciones cada vez más precisas a la humanidad; sin embargo, para muchos, no dejan de ser aterradores los avances que ha tenido y cómo es más poderosa con … Read more