Does it end up sinking it further? After a video of Chiquis showing ‘cheeks’ in a bikini, El Chapo from Sinaloa apologizes, but does it come out worse? (VIDEO)

1622806101 Does it end up sinking it further After a video

Following his comments about Chiquis Rivera showing his butt to promote cream, El Chapo de Sinaloa apologizes The singer referred to the comments he made to women who teach their attributes El Chapo from Sinaloa recorded a video giving Chiquis Rivera the victory? El Chapo de Sinaloa reappeared to refer to the controversy that his … Read more

Night of joy and reunion: Love of Lesbian shows its new album with the devoted public

1622795050 Night of joy and reunion Love of Lesbian shows its

At the end of last March, the Barcelona group Love of Lesbian offered its last concert in the Catalan capital, an evening where the strictly musical was combined with the clinical trial. That night at the Palau Sant Jordi had international significance as it tried to demonstrate that mass concerts could be held again without … Read more

Special: 45 years of the Sex Pistols concert that changed history – Muzikalia

Special 45 years of the Sex Pistols concert that changed

For many Manchester is the gloom and darkness of Joy division, for others the precious melodies of The Smiths and the convoluted lyrics of Morrissey. There are those who prefer the enveloping sound of the brothers Gallagher, or contempt and musical joy of The Stone Roses. Groups with their own soul and differentiating characteristics, which … Read more

New digital fiber: imagine storing your wedding music in your dress

New digital fiber imagine storing your wedding music in your

Researchers at MIT have created the first digital fiber capable of storing information or monitoring physical activity after being sewn into a garment. Related This type of digital fiber expands the possibilities of fabrics to discover hidden patterns in the human body that could be used for monitoring of physical performance or early detection of … Read more

Divulgacon, the scientific marathon with music, stand up and free and virtual talks

1622758363 Divulgacon the scientific marathon with music stand up and free

The activities of the Mirador Interactive Museum, MIM, stand out for being popular. And of course, if they approach science in a simple and, above all, entertaining way. This is the case of the second version of the Share with, the scientific and technological marathon that was held for the first time last year, and … Read more