Xuxa’s daughter Sasha Meneghel married: at age 22, to a gospel singer and on the seashore

Xuxas daughter Sasha Meneghel married at age 22 to a

Sasha Meneghel got married in Brazil (Photo: @sashameneghel) On the beaches of the Brazilian town of Angra dos Reis, 150 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Sasha Meneghel, the only daughter of Xuxa, got married with João Figueiredo, a gospel singer. At 22 years old, she -who is a model- and he, 21, celebrated their union … Read more

From Violeta Parra to Shakira: 50 women in the music industry choose the most influential Latina artists – La Tercera

1621960614 From Violeta Parra to Shakira 50 women in the music

An interesting and revealing exercise was the one recently carried out by the Chilean feminist platform Ruidosa in conjunction with its Argentine counterparts from LatFem, who summoned about 50 musicians, managers, producers and music journalists from Latin America to choose the ten albums of other Latin women that marked their lives. The results, recently published … Read more