10 curiosities of “Grease”, the tape of Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

10 little known facts about Grease the film by Olivia Newton John

Despite “Grease” It was released more than four decades ago, in 1978, this cinema classic continues to captivate everyone. after the recent death of Olivia Newton-Johnthis film has once again gained strength in the cinematographic world and nobody forgets the love story of the rebellious Danny Zuko and the innocent Sandy Olsson. If in any … Read more

Annette Bening, 64, and Warren Beatty, 85, spotted on a sexy date in a rare public photo – Noufelle FR

Annette Bening 64 and Warren Beatty 85 spotted on a

Image Credit: (Photo: BACKGRID) Annette Bening64, and Warren Beatty, 85, was spotted spending a romantic evening at the AOC tapas restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 15. The couple, who have been married for 30 years, were seen stepping out with leftovers and smiles on their faces. The Golden Globe-winning actress wore a comfy … Read more

Demi Moore Flaunts Toned Bikini Body In Europe: Photo – CNET – ApparelGeek

Demi Moore Flaunts Toned Bikini Body In Europe Photo

Demi Moore. MJ Photos/Shutterstock Beat the heat! Half Moore flaunted her toned belly and sizzling swimsuit style while spending the last days of summer abroad. “Soaking up the summer,” the 59-year-old actress wrote via Instagram on Monday, Aug. 15, alongside a snap from her oceanside getaway. The G.I. Jane the actress showed off her slim, … Read more

Idris Elba is clear about where his career is headed

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

LOS ANGELES (EFE).— Idris Elba, one of the most beloved actors by the British public and the favorite in the pools to lead the new stage of the James Bond franchise, is determined to bring “easily identifiable characters” to the big screen. as the lead in “Beast,” which opens next Friday. “I just want to … Read more

La mitad que Joaquin Phoenix: revelan cuánto cobrará Lady Gaga por su participación en Joker 2 y ya hay polémica

La mitad que Joaquin Phoenix revelan cuanto cobrara Lady Gaga

En octubre de 2024 llegará a los cines la segunda parte de la película Joker, el villano de DC cómic interpretado por Joaquin Phoenix. La secuela de este filme, Joker: Folie à Deux, donde otra vez el mismo actor se pondrá en la piel del trastornado enemigo de Batman, tendrá varias secuencias musicales e incorporará … Read more

Frank Sinatra’s Death and the True Story of What Caused It

After legendary singer Frank Sinatra died of a heart attack on May 14, 1998, his tragic disappearance forced an ugly family feud into the spotlight. Joan Adlen/Getty ImagesFrank Sinatra performing in Los Angeles in 1980. Frank Sinatra had one of the most iconic voices the world has ever heard. During his prolific career, he released … Read more

Emma Thompson, her daring nude at age 63 and the little sympathy she has for Almodóvar

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

It is not frequent to contemplate in the cinema full nudes of actresses of a certain age, already mature, and less of those who, due to their filmography and even idiosyncrasies, have always refused to do so. But, for the first time, the English emma thompsonthat of Return to Brideshead, has not hesitated to play … Read more

Ben Affleck turns 50: How he reinvented himself and rekindled his love with Jennifer Lopez – Up News Info

Ben Affleck turns 50 How he reinvented himself and rekindled

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! It’s been 50 years since Ben Affleck, and over the course of his life, the actor has reinvented himself many times. Married to two high-profile Jennifers, Affleck’s talents have often been overshadowed by his struggle with drug addiction. As he enters his fifth decade on the planet, … Read more

Harrison Ford’s rescue of Anne Heche on the set of ‘Six days and seven nights’

Harrison Fords rescue of Anne Heche on the set of

The race of Anne Heche, the actress who died on August 12 at the age of 53 As a result of a traffic accident, he drew a strange parable. The curve begins its upward trajectory in 1996 with its participation in coercion of a jury and reaches its highest point between 1997 and 1998. In … Read more

Create the Legend: Erich von Stroheim’s Foolish Wives | Features | Pretty Reel

Create the Legend Erich von Stroheims Foolish Wives Features

In 1974, Jonathan Rosenbaum complained that much of the writing about legendary Austrian director and actor Erich von Stroheim was caught up in the legends, in the fiction surrounding the Teutonic magpie. Nobody seemed able to write about his films as works of visual art. Of course, and Rosenbaum concedes, it’s hard because Stroheim was … Read more