Girl who played Mirabel in ‘Encanto’, surprised after appearing in ‘La Voz Kids’

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

A surprise took the Colombians and the juries of The voice Kids listening to the voice of Antonia Ledesmaa little girl who, in addition to finishing her blind audition, consolidating her entry to the talent show, He also revealed to everyone that he was the one who did the voice of Mirabel in the Disney … Read more

10 recommended series to watch this weekend on Netflix, Amazon, HBO and other platforms

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

From the latest series by Spanish director Sergio G. Sánchez to the adaptation of the comics by She-Hulkgoing through a new serialized version of Tekken and the new production directed by Sharon Horgan (Motherland, catastrophe), this weekend looks interesting for subscribers of streaming services. Next, 10 series you can enjoy Starting these days on Netflix, … Read more

‘She-Hulk, Lawyer Hulka’: Maslany shines in the MCU comedy

She Hulk Lawyer Hulka Maslany shines in the MCU comedy

The expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to television has been a hit or miss. Ms Marvelone of the best MCU series in Disney+balanced heart, humor, action and depth without sacrificing heroics. She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk, the latest entry in the MCU, has the odd sense of humor, but lacks almost everything else. The objectives of … Read more

From the return of The Crazy Addams to the fights of Ryan Murphy and the controversial decision of HBO Max

From the return of The Crazy Addams to the fights

With Merlina, the Addams family lands on Netflix at the hands of Tim Burton. One of the most anticipated projects by fans of Tim Burton and followers of crazy addams finally got a trailer in advance announcing that the series will be seen this year. In addition, of course, to give fun clues for what … Read more

The new MLB playoff format: how many teams will reach the postseason and everything you need to know

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

The new collective agreement between the MLB and the MLBPA includes several changes to the rules of the Major League Baseball. One of the most important is the expansion of the playoff system, which will now have 12 teams (six from each league) instead of 10 in previous years. Beginning in 2022, the MLB postseason … Read more

Criticism of Alma, the new supernatural horror series that lands on Netflix

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Nine episodes make up the first season of Soula series that blends teen drama with supernatural horror bringing us immediately to mind Fair. the darkest lightanother fiction Netflix Very similar in cut, although broadly speaking that one is much more morbid and less round. It is the debut of the screenwriter of films such as … Read more

Crítica She-Hulk: Marvel gana el juicio con su nueva serie para Disney+

cratica she hulk marvel gana el juicio con su nueva serie

She-Hulk: Abogada Hulka, ttulo de la serie en nuestro pas en referencia directa a sus cmics, es el nuevo estreno en aterrizar en Disney+. Firmado por Marvel Studios, se trata de otro captulo del Universo Cinematogrfico de Marvel, ese que en este ao ha recibido series como Caballero Luna, Doctor Strange en el Multiverso de … Read more

Natalia Ramírez ‘Marce’ shared her opinion on the Mexican version of “Yo soy Betty, la fea”

Natalia Ramirez Marce shared her opinion on the Mexican version

(Instagram photo: @actriznatalia – Capture from YouTube) Few telenovelas mark a turning point in the entertainment industry at an international level and I am Betty the Ugly one is one of these. The melodrama written by Fernando Gaitán not only broke standards in Colombia, it also did so in other parts of the world, because … Read more

As es Mircoles, la nueva serie de Netflix ambientada en el universo de La Familia Addams

Asi es Miercoles la nueva serie de Netflix ambientada en

Actualizado Jueves, 18 agosto 2022 – 13:47 Jenna Ortega, Luis Guzmn, Catherine Zeta-Jones y Riki Lindhome encabezan el reparto Imagen de Mircoles.Netflix En otoo de 2022 Netflix estrenar Mircoles, serie ambientada en el universo de La Familia Addams. La produccin gira en torno al personaje que le da ttulo, que en esta ocasin es encarnado … Read more

Cobra Kai: weeks after its premiere, the detail of the last advance of the fifth season that surprises fans

Cobra Kai weeks after its premiere the detail of the

In the era of series forged with nostalgia as the main drive, Cobra Kai, the sequel to karate kid, the film saga of the 80s, seems to be the one that best understands its reason for being and the one that makes the best use of its own legend. This is confirmed by the recent … Read more