Zendaya sublime: this daring bias for her outfit noticed at the Oscars

While the Oscars ceremony was in full swing, all the photographers pointed their lenses at the beautiful Zendaya. The American actress was noticed by her somewhat unconventional outfit.

This Sunday, March 27, 2022all the cream of the 7th Art gathered in Los Angeles for the 94th Academy Awards. The opportunity for all directors, producers and actors to put on their 31. This was the case of Zendaya whose outfit has been widely commented on. And for good reason, the American actress wore a mini white satin shirt, signed Valentino on a long skirt with silver sequins. A set that is talked about on social networks. Indeed, many viewers noticed that her outfit echoed that of Sharon Stone at the 1998 Oscars. Indeed, the American actress had completely broken the codes by going to the Oscars not with an evening dress, but a simple white man’s shirt and a long skirt.

According to many media outlets, Sharon Stone’s outfit had a history. While she was first dressed in a t-shirt, the American actress would have spilled something on her top and would have been forced to take what came to hand to be able to go to the Oscars. Zendaya’s outfit would therefore be a nice nod to Sharon Stone’s outfit, which is therefore a milestone in the history of the Oscars ceremony. The actress did not hesitate to play with the photographers, she who arrived on the arm of her friend Andrew Garfield. But her darling Tom Holland is never far away.

Tom Holland: “I’ve always wanted to keep my private life to myself”

Now inseparable, the two lovebirds had seen the first rumors of their couple arrive, in July 2021, when they had been photographed by paparazzi kissing. A memory that Tom Holland had had a hard time digesting, as he mentioned in an interview for QG : “I’ve always wanted to keep my private life to myself, because I already share so much with everyone, he explained. We kind of felt deprived of our privacy. It’s not that ‘we weren’t ready to talk about it, it’s just that we didn’t want to’, he confided.


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Zendaya sublime: this daring bias for her outfit noticed at the Oscars