Zara is inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s leggings for her collection!

Shock on the Web! The Spanish brand Zara is inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s leggings for its 2021 collection and is already unanimous!

Good news for shopaholics : Zara transforms favorite leggings of the sublime Jennifer Lopez in a “low cost” piece at a mini price! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Jennifer Lopez ultra fan des leggings

At 52, Jennifer Lopez has shown a spectacular condition. And for good reason…

The Bronx diva is one of the most admired for its appearance! Indeed, it does not seem at all that JLo, like all mortals, also spends his years.

But what Jennifer has is not a coincidence, but the fruit of a series of sacrifices and efforts that she does every day. Without surprise !

On the one hand, the singer follows a marked and strict diet. To do this, he has at his disposal up to two nutritionists who work together to prepare a healthy and balanced menu, as well as rich in antioxidants and ingredients that strengthen the immune system.

Meanwhile, the pretty brunette is practicing also daily sport. Jennifer follows a series of sports routines designed by experts to achieve a toned and contoured body.

But that’s not all. The looks she wears are also focused on enhancement of its silhouette.

And one of her favorite pieces is the leggings! Indeed, Jennifer Lopez often uses to this flagship piece. This especially while playing sports.

But she wears them when she is not in the room. For example, leggings that have a skin effect.

The Spanish brand, Zara therefore decided to take inspiration from the star for his new collection ! The best, right?

For the occasion, Zara unveiled many ultra hot leggings models ! You are bound to fall for one of them!

Zara is inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s leggings for her 2021 collection!

Zara is inspired by her looks for her new collection

And yes, this is the good news of the day! Zara launches into ultra trendy leggings inspired by Jennifer Lopez.

Our all-time favorite at home? The basic and sexy model she wears: black with a leather effect !

a look that we can now imitate thanks to the Spanish brand Zara! The best, right?

Indeed, in its catalog, the brand offers different leggings options with a leather effect. For example, extra long skin effect leggings.

At MCE TV, we are therefore ultra fan of the cup and matter! And for good reason…

These new leggings from Zara are characterized by its high cut and its extra long leg that will make you look taller. But that’s not all, they are also completed with a side zipper.

These Zara brand leather effect leggings are therefore available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. And its price? a mini price as we like (as well as our wallet) at 22.95 euros.

And if this model doesn’t totally win you over, take a look at the rest of Zara’s catalog to find other leather effect leggings options. You will inevitably find the piece you need for the season!