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An office suite is a set of productivity software. In other words, it’s a pack that includes several applications that are going to help you accomplish certain tasks. This can be keeping a budget, laying out your CV, writing your cover letter or managing your addresses and emails. An office suite can be used for personal or professional use. The following Microsoft Office is a reference in this field: it equips devices in schools as well as those of individuals or companies. A suite this comprehensive and versatile is a budget. But the good news is that we have an inexpensive alternative for you!

Word, Excel and PowerPoint: the shocking trio

You have certainly heard of at least one of these three software. Word is a word processing software. That is to say software that will allow you to write and lay out text, as well as images, tables, graphs… The possibilities are almost endless! If you have a CV to create, a cover letter to write, an assignment to submit or even a letter to write, Word will help you achieve it.

Then there is Excel, the table-grapher. With Excel, you can enter different data in the form of a table. This data can then be translated into a graph, to be analyzed or presented visually. On a daily basis, Excel can for example be used to monitor your monthly budget, or even plan a budget for your vacation. Thanks to the menus, you will be able to apply mathematical formulas in a simple way, which will do the calculations for you.

At last, Power point, the presentation software, will allow you to create a slideshow. This can be to present information, or simply to share vacation photos with family.

These are simple everyday examples. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are also full of more advanced features that will suit professional use.

What other software is found in Microsoft Office?

In the various Microsoft Office suites, you will find the three software mentioned above, as well as other applications. There are Outlookthe personal data manager that will allow you to create your contacts directory in addition to the email assistant. OneNote will assist you in your note taking, allowing the insertion of images, screenshots and even voice notes! Publisher will allow you to create communication media such as greeting cards or flyers. At last, Access, the database manager, which allows data from several databases to be cross-checked. Its use requires some experience in the field!

Microsoft Office is a complete suite of software, but individuals will not necessarily have the usefulness of each of these software. If it is not possible to buy the different software separately, you can still get the Microsoft Office suite at a low price, and thus enjoy your favorite software without breaking the bank! These are the second-hand licenses of Yeslicense. Our answer is that we have a low-cost solution for a complete suite even cheaper than a single software: the second-hand license at Yeslicense. For example, you will be able to find the latest version of Microsoft Office Pro Plus from €14.99 or Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac users, for €89.90.

Who is Yeslicense and what is a used license?

Yeslicense is a French company that sells Microsoft Office and Windows licenses online. The prices offered by Yeslicense are very low because they are used licenses. That is to say licenses that were first purchased by companies, which resold them to Yeslicense when they no longer had any use for them. After careful verification by Yeslicense, the products are offered for sale on the site. These are dematerialized licenses: there are therefore no shipping costs! For the user, there is no difference in use between a second-hand license and another license: the products work exactly the same way. The process of reselling second-hand licenses is framed by European legislation: it is completely legal.

The Yeslicense site works like any other merchant site: to buy your product, simply add it to your basket and proceed to payment. Be careful to fill in your email address correctly because it is by email that you will receive your activation key and your invoice. Once payment has been made, you will receive an email containing information to guide you in activating your product. And in the event of a problem or if you have a question, a dedicated support service can help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What products can we find on Yeslicense?

Yeslicense sells different versions of Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system. Among the products, there is bound to be one to meet your needs! The products are organized into three main categories: Microsoft Office offers for PC and Mac, operating systems and 2 in 1 packs to get Windows and Microsoft Office all at once.

Office Packs for all needs and all budgets:

On Yeslicense, you will also find different versions of Windows:

If you don’t know what to choose between Windows and Microsoft Office, the 2 in 1 Packs are made for you:

Offers for individuals… and for professionals!

If the products offered for sale on the Yeslicense site are primarily intended for individuals, professionals are not left out! If you are a company, integrator or volume license reseller, Open OLP Microsoft, MAK, MAK KMS, you can ask for a quote directly on the Yeslicense website.

You will understand, Yeslicense is THE solution to get your favorite software in a simple and inexpensive way. Then it’s up to you to realize your ideas and projects!

Article written in collaboration with Yeslicense

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You won’t find Microsoft Office cheaper anywhere else! – CNET France