Without a noise, The Office, Jack Ryan: 3 films and series to find John Krasinski on Prime Video

Arrived on Amazon Prime Video this June 20 when its sequel has just been released in theaters, “Without a noise” highlights the qualities of director and actor of John Krasinski. Focus on 3 shows with the American and available on the platform.

Without a sound

While Without a noise 2 has gathered crowds in theaters since its release on June 16, 2021 at the cinema, the first opus arrives on June 20 on Amazon Prime Video. 3rd film by and with John Krasinski, after the comedies Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollar Family, Sans un noise marks the actor / director’s first foray into the realm of horror.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic 2020. There, the few survivors must imperatively remain silent because creatures ultra-sensitive to noise threaten to kill them as soon as a sound emerges. In the feature film, John Krasinski plays Lee Abbott, husband of Evelyn Abbott (camped by his wife in the city, Emily Blunt).

Surrounded by their children, this Midwestern couple struggle to survive while pregnant Evelyn is about to give birth. Winner of the 2019 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Best Horror Film, nominated the same year for the 2019 Oscar for Best Sound Editing, Without a Noise even reached a score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Something to leave speechless!

The Office

For series fans, John Krasinski remains and always will be Jim Halpert, one of the heroes of the US version The Office. If he had made a few appearances on the small and the big screen in 2000, it is indeed the year 2005 which reveals him to the general public thanks to this role of choice in the cult series with Steve Carell.

During the 201 perfect episodes of the mockumentary, all available on Amazon Prime Video, John Krasinski lends his features to this Dunder Mifflin salesman and Michael Scott employee. He thus marks the spirits thanks to his love affair with Pam (Jenna Fischer), but also and especially his pranks to Dwight (Rainn Wilson) entered into the legend, not to mention his camera looks accompanied by an inseparable mocking smile.

Some trivia for fans: Jim Halpert’s name was chosen by executive producer Greg Daniels who had a childhood friend wearing the same; the taste for directing came in part to John Krasinski thanks to the series since he signed 3 episodes; and he shared the same school as one of the flagship characters of The Office, namely BJ Novak (Ryan Howard)!

Jack Ryan

Five years after leaving the Scranton office, John Krasinski took a whole new direction by donning the costume of a cult hero: Jack Ryan. Graham Roland and Carlton Cuse’s series (Lost, Bates Motel) is the very first televised reboot of the literary saga of author Tom Clancy, already adapted to the cinema on numerous occasions.

After Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin or Harrison Ford, Krasinski therefore becomes Jack Ryan in this prequel focusing on the youth of the famous CIA analyst. Say goodbye to smiles, employee shirts and rather broad ties, the actor plays the role here more man of action than ever by crossing the globe to thwart the plans of terrorists.

Premiered at the 58th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in 2018, the Amazon Original series unveiled its 2nd season in October 2019, and will return by the end of 2021 / early 2022 … monitor the news of the platform to know the release date of this long awaited 3rd season!