Without a noise 3 will be completely different from the first films, according to John Krasinski

While Without a sound 2 A hit at the global box office, its director, John Krasinski, is already talking about the third film. And the latter promises that it will be very different.

Behind the excellent start of Without a sound 2 hides its director John Krasinski, already well agitated behind the scenes to develop the sequel. Instead of taking charge of what appears to be the next installment in the saga, Krasinski should hand over to Jeff Nichols. The director of Take Shelter and of Midnight Special is a cornerstone of independent cinema and has already proven itself capable of confronting the genre from all angles.

Expected for March 31, 2023, the spin-off of the saga Without a sound will therefore be entitled to the undeniable qualities of director of Jeff Nichols, that John Krasinski seems to have grasped.

“Want to know more about the sequel?”

Indeed, in an interview for The Empire Podcast, John Krasinski confided his attraction for the cinema of Jeff Nichols and more particularly appreciated Mud – On the banks of the Mississippi. The childhood drama starring Matthew McConaughey, it seems, played a part in the final choice:

“Really the only person I had in mind when I was asked if I was letting go was Jeff. I think he’s one of the best filmmakers, Mud is one of the favorite movies, so real and intimate. That’s exactly the kind of realization we do on Sans Un Noise – organic characters that you get attached to. “

Logically enough, John Krasinski had a real influence on the choice of director for his franchise. Although Jeff Nichols hasn’t practiced directing since Loving, released in 2016, there is no doubt that the American filmmaker will leave his mark. Especially since he will normally be in charge of the script for this third part (from an idea by John Krasinski, also producer on the project).

photo, Millicent Simmonds

“I do not believe it !”

In addition, many questions remain unanswered as to the narration of this third part. The main one being the return of the Abbott family on a new adventure or not. In any case, it is not John Krasinski who will provide us with answers for the moment, despite his promise of changes:

“Are we going to continue with the Abbots? Who knows! No, I’ll tell you where it is… I’m really excited about this third episode because it’s going to do something we’ve never done. before. “

photo, Emily Blunt

They will wait here until March 31, 2023

It remains to be seen if Without a noise 2 will continue its launch pad at the global box office, which seems difficult since the feature film will end on the Paramount + platform after 45 days of exploitation in the United States. As a reminder, the first Without a sound had raised $ 340 million for an estimated non-marketing budget of $ 17 million, while the box office of Without a sound 2 is currently estimated at $ 190 million for a budget of $ 61 million.

While waiting to learn more about the spin-off of the saga, Without a sound 2 released since June 16 in France and if you are interested in our opinion, you can take a look at our written and video review of the silent feature film.