“Without a noise 2”: John Krasinski is still energized

10:00 am, June 15, 2021

He still can’t believe it. In 2018, Without a sound, independent American horror film, totals 340 million dollars of receipts in the world, whereas it cost only 17! At the controls, actor John Krasinski, revealed by the series The Office, made his debut as a director and screenwriter, while directing in the lead role Emily Blunt, his wife in the city. “I still pinch myself to believe it, he indicates. I had been approached by Paramount, or I did not know anything about genre cinema. I naturally oriented my writing towards family drama because I did not master the mechanisms of fear. ”

Yet he staged one of the most anxiety-provoking tales of the last decade: while the planet has been colonized by monsters with overdeveloped hearing, a couple and their children are trying to survive after the tragic death of their youngest child. . Sacred tour de force to keep going with the protagonists almost always silent, the eldest daughter being deaf (played by the hearing-impaired actress Millicent Simmonds).

His film is a “declaration of love to [ses] children “

In preparation, John Krasinski revised his classics, from the complete Alfred Hitchcock to Rosemary’s Baby (1968), by Roman Polanski, Jaws (1975), de Steven Spielberg, Alien (1979), by Ridley Scott. The idea of ​​a sequel didn’t take long to germinate in his mind. “I should have thought about it before sacrificing my character, miscalculation on my part,” he jokes. Without a sound 2 imposes itself as an effective apocalyptic thriller, which manages to renew the concept while preserving the authenticity of the feelings and reactions of individuals confronted with an extraordinary crisis situation, and a sometimes unbreathable tension.

“My film was among the first to see their release shifted due to the pandemic, I’m happy it’s finally meeting its audience,” he sighs. Without a sound is a declaration of love to my 7 and 4 year old children. I realize I sound like a psychopath saying this! I wanted to show the courage of the new generation, bearers of hope in these troubled times. “

John Krasinki, who is also a hit in the series Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video, based on the work of Tom Clancy, oversaw all stages of the making of the feature film, paying particular attention to the sound. In particular to recreate the way in which the disabled heroine apprehends her environment. “At the end of the screening, Millicent Simmonds’ mother thanked me, in tears, he says. For the first time, she knew how her daughter was feeling.”

Thanks to the nice score of Without a sound 2 which has accumulated 140 million dollars in revenue in fifteen days of operation in the United States, the third opus is already dated March 31, 2023, this time with Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter) behind the camera …

Without a sound 2 **

By John Krasinski, with Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy. 1h37. Release Wednesday.