Winona Ryder’s 50 brand-new years and her fake wedding to Keanu Reeves

Winona Ryder was in the 90s one of the movie stars most admired by American youth. That trail of popularity undoubtedly spread in Europe as well. Afterwards, his career has been very irregular. But his past still gives him credit for even starring in memorable movies, like The Age of Innocence, Bitelchus, Little Women, Edward Scissorhands and Dracula. In those years, at the end of the last century, it came to be a symbol of rebellion and modernity, with symptoms of belonging to “generation X“, as it had been labeled dozens ago by the legendary reporter Robert Capa. It was also characterized by living up to date, breaking with a conservative society, and being signified by new trends, customs, technological advances, the break with yesterday, Taking an interest in the culture of the moment, Winona then became a kind of muse for young people, who followed her adventures through the magazines in which she recounted her adventures.

Winona Laura Horowitz turned 50 on October 29. Her love history is extensive: she changed boyfriend easily. He would recognize that the great love of his life, with whom he was about to marry was Johnny Depp, with whom he got along wonderfully, both agreeing in their eccentricities. They cared little about dressing haphazardly and breaking social norms. She was eighteen years old, and he was twenty-six when their love affair began, which lasted three years. Johnny did not hesitate to publicly express the attraction that she aroused in him, which he wanted to endorse by tattooing this legend: “Winona forever”. When they priced, he went back to having half of the tattoo altered. The new one read “Wino forever”; I mean, drunk forever. After a while Winona declared that Depp was the man she loved the most in her life. Sorry for not asking her to be husband and wife. The part of the roles was the least, given the idiosyncrasies of both.

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Another love, perhaps less passionate, is the one he held with Keanu Reeves. They were a film couple in four films. The first, a version of the many that have been made into the cinema of the novel by Bram Stocker, which manipulates the figure of Vlad the Impaler, a sinister character who had his castle in a part of Romania. I visited that place on the occasion of a trip to Bucharest. The story of the Anglo-Saxon writer is pure fiction, but it always aroused the curiosity of its millions of readers, as did its film sequel.

The sensuality of Winona Ryder was more than explicit in that version directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1992. During the filming a grotesque situation occurred that its protagonists, Winona and Keanu, ignored. It turned out that in the wedding sequence, oblivious to them, the ceremony was given by a real Romanian priest, and not an actor. Francis Ford Coppola was on the secret. And when he saw fit, he confessed to the boyfriends in the story that they were married. So much so that they told reporters about it and she has always called her colleague “husband”. Keanu played along. Despite the joke, many news media gave credibility to what happened, to the point that Winona came to truly believe that she had launched a marriage.

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Apart from what was told about Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves, Winona has been lavish in love. All her boyfriends were actors, or above all musicians and singers, and some cinematographic director. I omit their identities as they are unknown for these payments. Except for Matt Damon, a wonderful actor who was her partner between 1998 and 2000, presented by Gwynett Paltrow. In 2011 she met fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. Since then they have lived together and have never said that they are going to get married. Perhaps it is that Winona still believes that she is married to Keanu.

The film career of Winona Ryder We already said that it has been very uneven, but lately it has regained some of the lost popularity thanks to a television series. Gone is a shadow in your life, in times of depression. It was when in December twenty years ago she was arrested for robbery in a Beverly Hills, Los Angeles store. As the episode was already told in its day, we concluded it with the penalty that he had to face: a high fine, also sentenced to three years of probation. He had to undergo psychological treatment from which he fortunately recovered.

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Winona Ryder’s 50 brand-new years and her fake wedding to Keanu Reeves