Willem Dafoe cameo in Moon Knight?


A photo of the protagonists of the Disney+ series has ignited rumors. The actor who returned to the franchise with Spider-Man: No Way Home he would not have written his last page in the MCU.

Federico Carestia

Dafoe at the Spider-Man: Away Home premiere.©GettyDafoe at the Spider-Man: Away Home premiere.Federico Carestia

For a long time, especially with what was his reappearance as green goblin to Spider-Man: No Way Homefans are yelling at them to keep writing parts for Willem Dafoe in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). His work in the film which had the three Spider-Man together for the first time was one of the most remarkable and, despite the fact that everything indicated that he had returned to his universe, he could still return.

In recent hours, an image on the set of moon knightthe new series of Disney+, who gave indications that he could return hand in hand with this production. In the image shared on Twitter for @NewRockstarscan be seen next to oscar isaac and Ethan Hawkefictional protagonist and villain mcu. This post easily topped 50,000 love.

The hard thing in this case is to think how they might connect their character with moon knight and do it harmoniously. At Spider-Man: No Way Home, Dafoe get back into the skin of Norman Osborne and ended up being the most important villain: not only was he responsible for killing the aunt may but he was also the one who received the worst blows from a peter parker (that of Tom Holland) completely dislocated.

It should be noted that, in the four episodes that were delivered to the press, there was no trace of his presence. However, knowing that the next version of the mcu be strange doctorwhere the multiverses will be treated in more depth, the reappearance of green goblin could serve as a link between the series of Disney+ and the next film to hit the big screen on May 5.

Willem Dafoe wasn’t the only Marvel actor scouted

But Budapest is the favorite tourist spot of the stars of wonderWhere the MCU big surprises are in sight. It is that, during the filming of the series of Disney+, Willem Dafoe wasn’t the only one seen around the set of moon knight. Another artist who was present was Marc Ruffalowho is known to replay Pontoon to she hulks. Several fans have uploaded photos with the actor on the networks, hence speculation about his participation in the show. oscar isaac It didn’t take long for him to surface.

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Willem Dafoe cameo in Moon Knight?