Will Smith says his extensive sex made him sick

How complicated it is to seduce a woman! But it seems that being a Hollywood star can help. Will Smith doesn’t need that: he’s been in a relationship for nearly 25 years with actress, producer and singer Jada Pinkett-Smith. On the other hand, before becoming world famous, the actor multiplied the conquests. For the worse and … that’s it?

Will Smith: at 53, a life to tell

In 2021, who doesn’t know Will Smith? Made famous in the eyes of the world in the 90s thanks to the American series The prince of Bel-Air, the actor subsequently multiplied films and outstanding roles. Whether alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the Men in Black, alongside Martin Lawrence in the Bad Boys, or alone in movies like I, Robot Where I am a legende, Will Smith’s career is successful, despite some setbacks. Everyone should indeed agree that refusing the role of Neo in The Matrix to focus on his worst film was a big mistake.

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With such a career and while the actor is now 53 years old, iIt was only logical that he finally decided to publish an autobiography. Between his cult filmography, his singing talents, his family refusing the “star-system” or his ability to solve a rubik’s cube in less than a minute, the fiftieth has things to tell in Will. But some were rather unexpected.

When success with women makes you sick

Earlier this month, Will Smith published his autobiography, soberly titled Will. The opportunity to look back on his career, but also and above all toreveal a little more about what goes on behind the scenes, talk about his private life. He dwells in particular for quite a long time on his youth and his (mis) romantic adventures.

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One of these particularly marked him. This is indeed his first great love, responding to the sweet name of Melanie Parker. When she broke up with him, the blow was very hard to take. He who had so far only known one other woman in his life, will then try to drown his sorrow as he can. It therefore falls into the classic mania to multiply the many conquests.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for heartache, so I resorted to meaningless sex with many women. Will Smith

But each time they are women for whom he feels nothing, stories without a future. Well, let’s face it more concretely, he just wanted to combine sexual relations in order to think of something other than his ex. Only, not only did it not work, but it also made him sick. And when he talks about it in his autobiography, he insists that he literally was. So after each sexual intercourse, he found himself feeling ill, or even vomiting regularly.

I have had sex with so many women, but the feeling was so bad deep in my soul that I developed a stress reaction when I had an orgasm. Sometimes I even threw up. With every woman, I hoped it was ‘the right one’ and that she would take all of this pain away from me. But every time I was even more unhappy. Will Smith

A situation which has fortunately largely improved since, while Will Smith married and became the father of two children, Jaden and Willow Smith.

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Will Smith says his extensive sex made him sick