Will Smith could return to Hollywood with the sequel to ‘I am legend’

The actor could be ready to recover his career after the drama at the Oscars

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Will Smith has not been one of Hollywood’s favorite people During the last months; however, everything indicates that the triumphant return of the actor will be with i am legend 2. The sequel to the 2007 film was announced a few weeks before the unfortunate incident with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars and there had been no talk of the project until now.

A source close to the film confirmed to The Sun whatue Will Smith is still linked to the project. “The script is being written, still mentioning his character. The reality is that Will will return at some point and it will only be necessary to see which study is the one that takes a risk with him, ”he explained to the British newspaper.

“Warner Brothers is not yet signed, but so far there is no evidence that Will has left the project. Obviously, he is the producer of the film and his company [Westbrook Studios] is in charge while development continues,” he added about Soy legend 2.

“Negative public sentiments about his career have subsided in recent weeks as the world has stepped up thanks to news such as the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

“And Will is going to therapy and taking time out of the public eye,” added the source, who assures that Hollywood loves the return of artists, as has been the case with Robert Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, Drew Barrymore and Winona. Ryder.

“In a couple of years things could be very different and Will could return to the screen,” concluded on the sequel to I’m legend (2007), in which Will Smith will share credits with Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther).

Among the Will Smith projects that were canceled after the incident at the Oscars, there are also This Joka (Roku), which will not have a second season, Fast and Loose (Netflix) and Pole-to-Pole (National Geographic and Disney). It has also been rumored that

The Rock is in talks with Disney to replace the actor as the genius in the sequel to the live action version

of Aladdin


bad Boys 4, which Smith stars with Martin Lawrence, yes it is still standing with the participation of the actor.

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Will Smith could return to Hollywood with the sequel to ‘I am legend’