Will John Wick (Keanu Reeves) appear in ‘Rescue Mission 3’ with Chris Hemsworth?

The success that ‘Rescue Mission 2′ with Chris Hemsworth continues to enjoy in the Netflix catalog is undeniable. This has caused its director, Sam Hargrave, to be questioned about a possible bloody fight between Tyler and… Keanu Reeves’ John Wick?

Today we are used to tinkering with possible crossovers now that the theme of the multiverse has been exploited everywhere, even Black Mirror has made use of this resource by connecting old episodes with season 6. And of course, a movie like Rescue Mission 2 It would not be the exception, which is why the director, Sam Hargrave, was recently asked about a crazy possibility: Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) could have a bloody fight against John Wick (Keanu Reeves)? You will be surprised by her response.

“I love this conversation,” Hargrave said in an interview with deserted. “You know… as the director of the world of Tyler Rake, I would have to root for my man Tyler Rake, but then, in the canon of the movies and legendary abilities, it’s hard.”assured the filmmaker who is a clear connoisseur of the trajectory of the elite assassin also known in the underworld as Babayaga.


How can you bet against John Wick? What I will say is, as a fan, I want to see that happen.

The enthusiasm of Sam Hargrave, who also directed the first installment of Rescue Mission, made it clear that if it were his fanaticism, he would put Tyler and John Wick to fight, however, this does not exactly mean that it will happen, since both characters They belong to different studies. On the one hand, Netflix owns Hemsworth’s mercenary, while Lionsgate owns Reeves’ murderer.

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Who would win in a fight?

This same theme was kept up in another Hargrave conversation, this time with the site Colliderwhere he went a little further than what an epic fight this pair of hand-to-hand combat experts would put up. Would there be a definite winner? Maybe if they made some adjustments to their clothing.

I’ll take John Wick’s bulletproof suit and give it to Tyler Rake. The guy is very rude, so there is no debate.

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This answer could divide opinions, John Wick’s bulletproof card is one of his hallmarks, but at the same time the director made it clear that the Ruska Roma’s son is perhaps tougher than Tyler, so if the mercenary had this outfit, the fight would be even.

Don’t forget that rescue mission 2 It is already available in the Netflix catalog and it has even become one of the most popular productions of the moment over Run away!, A picture to believeShrek and Take care of Maya. If you had the final call, who do you think would win between John Wick and Tyler Rake?

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Will John Wick (Keanu Reeves) appear in ‘Rescue Mission 3’ with Chris Hemsworth?