Why We’re Surprised 54-Year-Old Naomi Watts Looks Like She’s 54!

Why We Like Naomi Watts’ Wrinkles doctor

“I put Botox on my forehead. Does it remove wrinkles? Yes, but in return, you look like a plastic figure. I hope that people will take my example to do the opposite. It doesn’t work and I see how people get obsessed.” These words are from Jamie Lee Curtis, who during the promotional tour for ‘Halloween Ends’ She has been another of the actresses who have raised their voices to try to stop the obsession with stopping time that invades Hollywood and, of course, the world outside the spotlight. This is indicated by the Spanish Society of Medical Medicine, which indicates that of the 900,000 medical-aesthetic treatments that were carried out in Spain in 2021, 72% (626,778) corresponded to facials. Experts warn, yes, that to stop the negative aesthetic mark (when we appreciate an unwanted result after a treatment) we must always bet on qualified professionals.

“Due to an increase in demand for aesthetic medicine, and a lack of rigor of the treatments, these can leave permanent scars on faces and cause some deformation. This is due to forced and repeated treatments, not respecting the times, mixed with lack of professionalism. What happens is that the natural time is not given to the degradation of the product and sometimes, probably due to the non-follow-up of a single prescribing doctor, improper treatments are mixed. This is known as a cumulative aesthetic footprint, having a negative connotation”, explains Dr. Margarita Rodriguez from AZERO, General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery.

It is noteworthy that at See Kate Winslet in ‘Mare of Easttown’ or Naomi Watts in ‘The vigilant’, what is most commented is that the faces of the actresses show (finally) wrinkles. “I am ecstatic with Naomi’s face in the series, because her face does not stop moving. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed seeing middle-aged women looking like middle-aged women on screen,” Hillary Fray writes in ‘Slate.’ The actress, who began her large-scale career in her early thirties, was advised to work as much as possible before she was 40, because from then on, she was told that she would no longer be desirable and therefore would no longer receive offers. of work. It was then that she realized that while the industry points out that men get more attractive as they age, women are condemned to hate ourselves (even more) as we get older. In fact, it was precisely when he turned 40 when Gwyneth Paltrow She was overwhelmed by wondering if she would no longer be sexually desirable from then on. “I became obsessed with getting old and ran to a dermatologist in London who gave me the worst Botox in the world. I panicked”. She assures that she had to learn to accept that her metabolism was different and that she had wrinkles, and that when she accepted it, she began to feel better.

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Naomi Watts in ‘The Vigilante’Netflix

For her part, Naomi Watts wondered in the magazine ‘Good Health’ how Botox could affect her career. “Most of the characters I play are going through an emotional turmoil, so my job requires me to have facial expression. If my face were paralyzed, what right would I have to play that role?

However, it is important not to fall into the trap, explains Caitlin Moran on her way through the Magaluf Expanded Literature Festival, to believe that the actresses who are said to be “aging with dignity” have not had injectable allies. “Wait until you’re 47 without having slept for years. Then you will change your opinion about Botox. In feminism it is okay to whiten your teeth, dye yourself… But for some reason, Botox is still a sin. We see these famous actresses who are said to have had nothing done, but I go to the doctor in London who gives them Botox injections. I am talking about 70-year-old actresses, supermodels and women whose faces are praised for their expressiveness. They all have botox. Why do they tell us it’s embarrassing, when the most beautiful have done it? I just want it to look like I’ve slept for the last ten years. I have learned to change my mentality and also that 30-year-old women never have to tell 48-year-olds what to do.”

There was a time when Botox was a secret, but now it has become part of the pop narrative thanks to reality shows like the franchise of the ‘Royal Housewives’ or to hyper glam real estate agent show ‘Selling Sunset’, where luxury mansions are shown at parties in which Botox is injected for free to potential buyers in events called ‘Burger and Botox’. Of course, the beauty industry It has taken advantage of the fact that botulinum toxin has come out of the closet, because now the discourse relates Botox to resilience and even authenticity.

Anna Freixas, author of ‘Yo, vieja’, explains to us that we internalize the torture of the body and beauty from a young age, when we are taught not to be satisfied with our physical appearance. “It’s a huge business. We are the enrichers of a group of crooks who live at the expense of our bodies and our stupidity by not defending beauty at all ages. Beauty actually has a lot to do with your spirit, your being, and your expression. It’s in you, not through lipstick or eyebrows. While being the poor of the planet we decide to spend the money to support an imaginary that some guys who live off of us like, well cheer up”.

We could say as a final conclusion that the real vigilante that Naomi Watts and all of them should be concerned about is the one that sustains a suffocating aesthetic pressure and an industry that takes advantage of the obsession to stop time and its traces, because as Caitlin Moran assures us, we spend almost our whole lives hating each other… And that is precisely what we have to stop normalizing. Society and the cosmetic industry are watching us, and the best way to face this scrutinizing gaze is to stop stigmatizing those who inject Botox, but also those who do not.

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Why We’re Surprised 54-Year-Old Naomi Watts Looks Like She’s 54!