Why watch the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix: actors, curiosities, awards

The eyes. Smile. The mask… Ladies and Gentlemen, the Joker. Starring this extraordinary Joaquin Phoenix. It deserves an Oscar, but not only.

Todd Phillips’ movie for which the amazing Joaquin Phoenix finally won an Oscar in 2020. And not only that. The actor really took home the awards that year and for this role. He won it all, basically. From the Golden Lion to the 2019 Venice Film Festival, which the director wanted to share with him, through …

Joker : « My mom always told me to smile and look good. She told me I had a purpose in life.. Bring laughter and joy to the world“. Yet the world seems not to be predisposed to joy. If there is a laugh, it is the aggressive and arrogant laughter of the ferocious grin. Even the Joker gets lost in this satanic smile to the point of extreme and gratuitous cruelty …

Why The Joker is the movie to watch on TV tonight.

Joker, which premieres on TV tonight, is truly a period film. If only for its iconographic power, the ability to surprise and reinvent a “known” villain in an extremely original way. (the bad through Batman). The film tells, reimagines and focuses on its genesis. The slow descent of mental disorders towards Evil …

Joker: plot, cast, characters

Narrates The story of Arthur Fleck, who would later become the Joker, a fragile clown and failed comedian, with a deranged mind.. He needs psychotropic drugs not to sink into the abyss. He lives in the (plausible) metropolis of Gotham. In an undefined time, between the early 1980s (videotapes are used) and today (ambulances look like contemporary vehicles).

Joaquin Phoenix (47) in the mask of the Joker. All one …

Poverty and hatred on the streets are increasing by leaps and bounds. Fueling more and more classism, anger and fear. Entertainment is an assault on the fragile, the different, the bizarre.. We look for an eccentric and weak character and we make fun of him in order to feel superior and better.

Much like the American entertainer Murray- Robert De Niro in a role opposite to the one he had in King for one nightMartin Scorsese’s film. Delayed laughs on command punctuate the television moments. Old hits sung by the irresistible crooner like To smile (Jimmy Durante) and That’s life (Sinatra) punctuates the madness. In total antithesis with the reality told.

« I hope my death will be more meaningful than my life.“Arthur Fleck / Joker writes in his obscure daily journal. In it he notes delusions, scribbles and jokes that are not funny, but rather disturbing.

Todd Phillips, comedies with Bradley Cooper at The Joker

If there is a film that succeeds in highlight generalized madness and the rampant contemporary evil is precisely Joker through Todd Phillips (and Joaquin Phoenix). A director of bad blockbuster comedies (The hangover, Starsky &amp ; Hutch) shows us a fallacious world where there are only masks, “roles”. The poor against the rich, the weak against the strong. An increasingly classist scenic universe that strengthens and self-celebrates through the media.

Todd Phillips & Joaquin Phoenix at the 2019 Venice Film Festival: It’s the final night’s red carpet, both know they’ve won the Golden Lion. Photo LaPresse

All the Jokers in history

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​the last of the Jokers to appear on screen (small and large). In fact, the next one was Jared Leto (Justice League de Zack Snyder, 2021) who had already been in Suicide Squad. Add Cesar Romero (in the 1960s television series), Jack Nicholson (Batman). Heath Ledger (posthumous Oscar for The black Knight) and Mark Hamill (in the cartoon) and Zach Galifianakis (Lego Batman, le film).
The mask of the sad clown is an archetype, Children of Paradise by Carné in Limelight by Chaplin. The arrogant clown mask is also an archetype. From the historic – or authoritarian – “white” clown of tradition, to certain suspicious characters highlighted in Fellini’s magnificent doc-non-doc. Clowns.

All the Joker’s accolades, from the Golden Lion to the Oscars.

Joker won two Golden Globes and the Golden Lion at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, as well as two Oscars. It is the highest grossing banned film in history (over $ 1 billion). Its star, Joaquin Phoenix, won everything it was possible to win. Including the Baftas in London.

Night of the Oscars 2020. Joaquin Phoenix has finally won: for his fourth nomination, he is Best Actor in a Leading Role for Joker.

Our interview with Joaquin Phoenix

What movie is Joker?

This is not a movie about the usual superheroes, villains, and humans with special powers. I like the characters inspired by the comics because they have real issues, the same ones we do. The Joker is just that: one of us. He has no father, no friends, he is anxious, he is depressed, he has a lousy job. He was traumatized and even abused as a child… Poor guy… He’s got all the problems in the world. It was neither pleasant nor easy to get into his head… but I am proud to have known him!

Among the Jokers who came before you, is there anyone who has inspired you?

No. But I remember Jack Nicholson in the … Batman by Tim Burton. And the the very talented Heath Ledger. But I preferred to prepare myself without referring to previous work, not even comics or TV series. I wanted to create my own Joker. Let it be the fruit of my imagination. Or my madness.

joker golden globe

The Joker poster

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Why watch the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix: actors, curiosities, awards