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Thandiwe Newton explains why his character died prematurely Solo: The Story of Star Wars..

Because Disney woke the franchise up from this sweet sleep Star wars Postology side, Mickey did not fail to launch us a maximum of films in less time. The big-eared studio, which has produced five films in just five years, is trying to make the most of the Lucasfilm acquisition. The postology itself has received somewhat mixed reviews from Space Saga fans, but Disney does not. did not stop there either by proposing Spinoffs focused on important people and events..

For 2016 Rogue One: Star Wars Story By following the brand, we have succeeded in inspiring History of Star Wars It was a big disappointment for the fans. That’s right Solo: The Story of Star Wars It hasn’t even captured the hearts of viewers, even establishing itself as the saga’s first flop on the big screen, and it’s not Thandiwe Newton who disagrees. She opposed the film..

“I think they are going against me.”

Insufficient lubrication gears in production solo (Including the dismissal of directors) It’s not necessarily the only cause of film failure, both critically and financially, but I have to say it shouldn’t have helped. Artistic decisions made in the rush of Ron Howard’s second shoot also contributed to the general turmoil of the film.Thandiwe Newton who played the character of Val Who Saw His role has been erased from space for reasons of budget and time Although his story arc was written differently.

Because where Val should be able to go back to the beginning fictitious Solo 2 She was the first robber for Han (Alden Ehrenreich) and her husband Tobias (Woody Harrelson) (hired by Emilia Clarke) and died very quickly in an explosion that was not always dramatically appealing. which did not please the actress who lost the opportunity to look back on the next film in the franchise when she confessed To move back :

Photo, Thandiwe NewtonLook straight at death

“I was disappointed with Star Wars because the character was killed. In fact, in the script, she never died. It happened during filming. And we had to do the scene. It was much more than time. It’s much easier to kill myself than it is to put myself in an empty space so that I can come back someday.

It was originally planned. Explosions and falls are dragging him around and I don’t know where or where he is. So I might be back someday. But when we started shooting, as far as I’m concerned, and as long as I was shooting this scene, I realized that was too many sets to create, so they let me explode.

Photo, Alden EhrenreichPhoto, Alden EhrenreichFinally, you have to play between everyone

But then I remember thinking, “This is a big mistake.” It wasn’t my fault, nor because I wanted to come back. We don’t lose too much on the first black woman who played a real role in a Star Wars movie. Are you kidding? “

An opportunistic murder that does not have a significant impact on the story when Han completes his mission to save Chewbacca and Tobias.Thandiwe Newton is currently playing Souvenir Hugh Jackman review here. Otherwise, solo Always around.

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Why Thandiwe Newton is angry with the solo

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