Why Henry Cavill Was Rejected To Play James Bond In “Casino Royale”

Henry cavill, world famous for playing Superman in the DC Universe, has become one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. The British actor has played a large number of characters throughout his career, but has also been rejected on several occasions, such as the time he failed to land the role of James Bond for the big screen.

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The 38-year-old interpreter He could have added another success in his career playing James Bond in “Casino Royale”, but was rejected for his physical appearance. The experience did not stop him on his way to fame, on the contrary, it prompted him to improve as an actor.

The event occurred when the protagonist of “Batman vs Superman” He was 23 years old and did a casting in which he had to recreate a scene from one of the films of the Sean Connery era. What happened? Here are all the details.

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In an interview for “Men’s Health” magazine, revealed that when he was 23 years old he auditioned to play James Bond in the film “Casino Royale” (2006). However, director Martin Campbell explained that due to his weight, he would not be able to keep the role.

During the casting, the British actor had to come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and recreate a scene from the Sean Connery-era movies. Back then, Cavill didn’t exercise or eat a healthy diet like he does now.

“I could have prepared better. I remember Martin Campbell, the director, telling me, ‘You look like you’re a little chubby, Henry.’ I did not know how to train or diet, “he said.

Cavill mentioned that at that time, he was used to the disappointment of the acting business as it was not the first time he had been turned down for a role.

“I’m glad you told me, I took it very well and it helped me improve. I was not exactly delighted not to get the role, but I was used to being disappointed and it was nothing new to me, “he told the publication.

Previously, Cavill also participated in the casting of “Twilight”, where he failed to convince the production. He was going to play Edward Cullen, the famous vampire of the saga, but Robert Pattinson finally got the role.

After some negative experiences, Henry Cavill set out to improve, both his acting level and his physical appearance. After exercise routines and rigorous diets, he managed to become “The Man of Steel”, one of the characters who has given him the greatest success and worldwide recognition in his career.