Why Cari B and Helen Mirren’s F9 Cameos is a fast and furious female movie

When you have a multi-million dollar action franchise that is ten great movies, you will have another sequel, multiple spin-offs, you will have some cameos. What you have to like about cameos in the Fast and Furious movies is that they are beyond fun. Who wouldn’t want to see Helen Mirren as the leader of a crime family? But the idea that she could be part of a fast-paced film directed exclusively by women that was probably in the works? This makes engraving more than just a fan service. It is the construction of the universe. Here are the top three heavy duty prints on F9. I think the series started as a little movie about the theft of DVD players.

Card B as Lisa

In one of the funniest revelations in the film, Dom is arrested by a group of helmeted Interpol agents, thrown into a rice cart, and then his helmets removed. It’s Leysa, played by Cardi-B and her gang of female mercenaries. We found out that Dom met Leysa in the Dominican Republic, so probably in The fast and the furious (Movie IV) and works with Queenie’s character, Helen Mirren. Leysa is rumored to be in the all-female Fast and Furious film, as well as the latest Fast and Furious sequel to be directed by director Justin Lin.

Helen Mirren as Magdalene Shaw, aka Queenie

Debuting in Fate of the Furious as Deckard Shaw’s mother, Queenie returns in F9 in a very flashy scene where she steals diamonds from a jewelry store party and steals a car from the parking lot outside, with Dom armed. With his relationship with Leysa mentioned in Cardi-B’s cameo, how could he not be in a spin-off of Fast run by women, right?

Jason Statham como Deckard Shaw

Shaw appears in a middle credit scene in an empty warehouse, hitting a man pressed into a punching bag, when the roads knock him down, Han shows up and throws the credits again. It was the first time the two had seen each other since it was revealed that Shu had killed Han. What happened after that? revenge? forgiveness? Follow-up team? In the Fast Universe, anything is possible.

Kevin Centumwang is Director of Lifestyle and Culture at Esquire.

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