Why Andrew Garfield Deserves the Best Actor Oscar of 2021

WARNING: The following contains minor spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is already in theaters.

Andrew Garfield is the star of the moment. He is undoubtedly adored by the public and critics and has received several nominations throughout his (still) young career. He is already nominated for the next 79th edition of the Golden Globes with ¡Tick, Tick… Boom! it is very likely that he will also be eligible for an Academy Award.

2021 has been a great year for Andrew Garfield. Premiered in november Tick, Tick… ¡Boom! Netflix, while acting in Tammy Faye’s eyes and, of course, in Spider-Man: Sin retorno. He has worked with many distinguished directors, from Martin Scorsese to David Fincher. With Tick, Tick… ¡Boom! offers a remarkable and unforgettable performance. If you win an Oscar, it will be more than deserved.

Garfield has been a class actor since the beginning of his career. His first feature film, Boy A, also earned him his first BAFTA victory. He was immediately chosen by Robert Redford to participate in the film Lions for lambs, from the director. The young actor shared the screen with big stars like Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Redford himself, who also starred in the film. It was a small role, but it got the attention of the right people. However, his great role was that of Eduardo Saverin in Network social by David Fincher.

TheRed Social became a cultural phenomenon of modern cinema and a test of Garfield’s acting skills. Supporting Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg, Garfield’s on-screen presence is contagious and his portrayal of Eduardo, Zuckerberg’s friend turned nemesis, matches Eisenberg’s to create a perfect balance. Interestingly, his performance was ignored by the Academy that year. The nomination for best actor only came with his brilliant performance in Hacksaw Ridge, de Mel Gibson .

But of course his most famous role is that of Peter Parker / Spider-Man in Sony’s duology. The Amazing Spider-Man. Garfield brought a new look to the character after the Tobey Maguire trilogy and a unique performance that continues to stand out, especially after seeing No Way Home, in which all three live-action Spider-men share the screen. Garfield easily steals every scene in which he appears. His nuances present a unique vision that many fans consider most faithful to the character and the best of the three actors. At the same time, this does not detract from the performances of Maguire and Tom Holland, who have received high praise for their performances.

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Inany case, no way home It reminded everyone how much Garfield was missed in that role and how much audiences yearned for more. Immediately, rumors arose about a possible third Amazing Spider-Man. In No Way Home, Garfield’s scenes are some of the most memorable: from when he first jumps through the portal and encounters Ned and MJ (and is attacked by several flying pieces of bread) to when he saves MJ from free fall in the third act. This last scene is a form of closure for him, having failed to save Gwen Stacy in his own universe. His expression is a mixture of feelings and emotional depth such that it is easily one of the best moments of the film.

In Tick Tick… ¡Boom! Garfield finally manages to show his versatility in an outstanding performance that captures the essence of Jonathan Larson. His on-screen energy is captivating, whether he’s frenzied and obsessive or sensitive and adorable. It is by far his best work to date, not to mention one of the most memorable of 2021. Not only does he deliver quality drama, but he also sings, dances and plays the piano live for the camera. It is not necessary for the public to be fond of musicals to enjoy Tick, Tick… ¡Boom! Especially since Garfield’s captivating presence fills the screen.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to any of Andrew Garfield’s interpretations: from the deep and detailed Be quiet hasta la mainstream The Amazing Spider-Man. In 2021, it shone especially in No Way Home and Tick, Tick… ¡Boom! And to celebrate his talent, the time has come to launch the actor with that definitive recognition and award him the Academy Award.

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Why Andrew Garfield Deserves the Best Actor Oscar of 2021