Who was John Aniston, the late father of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston She is one of the most beloved actresses and producers in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the protagonist of “Friends” is going through a hard and sad personal moment.

In the last few hours, Brad Pitt’s ex-partner shared on his Instagram profile that his father, the actor john aniston passed away. The actress assured her more than 40 million followers that her father passed away on November 11.

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“Sweet dad… John Anthony Aniston. You were one of the most beautiful humans I have ever met. I am so thankful that you ascended to heaven in peace and without pain. And 11/11 no less! You always had the perfect moment. That number will always have even greater meaning to me now. I will love you until the end of time,” he wrote. Jennifer Aniston in an emotional Instagram post.

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PICTURED: Jennifer Aniston and her father. Source: Instagram @jenniferaniston

aniston He ended his post with the phrase: “Don’t forget to visit me,” and without a doubt, that phrase moved all his followers. The causes of the death of the actress’s father are unknown, but Aniston assures in the post that John Anthony Aniston passed away peacefully and painlessly.

Who was John Aniston?

john aniston (his real name was Yannis Anastassakis) was a renowned Hollywood actor who was born on the island of Crete (Greece) in 1933. He studied Theater Arts at the Pennsylvania State University and starred in hits such as “87th Precinct” or “ Days Of Our Lives”.

There were several celebrities who left a message of support and containment for aniston in this hard moment. His ‘Friends’ partner Lisa Kudrow told him about the heart emoji. The actress Kaley Cuoco also used an emoji, but this time that of a bandaged heart.

PICTURED: Jennifer Aniston and her father. Source: Instagram @jenniferaniston

On the other hand, the actress Lily Collins wrote: “I send you all the love, light and hugs that can be given.” Reese Witherspoon, Aniston’s partner on “The Morning Show” told her: “I send you all my angels. Love you sister”. Jennifer Lopez also sends all the love and affection from her to aniston. Undoubtedly, this news mourned the world of entertainment and all the friends and colleagues of the actress did not want to leave her alone in this sad moment.

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Who was John Aniston, the late father of Jennifer Aniston