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Posted on December 16, 2021, 3:56 PM

On screen, she plays the enigmatic Emily Cooper, with multiple love interests and an intoxicating Parisian love life in Emily In Paris. In real life, she recently married her partner Charlie McDowell – another child of famous Hollywood parents.

Who is Charlie McDowell?

Fans probably know Lily is the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins (you know him at least as the iconic man from the Tarzan soundtrack – he got loose on this one), but they may not know. – not being Charlie is the son of legendary actress Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers, The Proposition) and Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange, Halloween). This may interest you: Arcane: Will there be a second season on Netflix? When will it be released?.

He is also the brother of Lilly McDowell Walton and the half-brother of Kate and Alexis Danson, his mother having married actor Ted Danson (Cheers, The Good Place) in 1995.

Like the offspring of many Hollywood stars, Charlie also works in the film industry. But, unlike his famous parents, he’s more comfortable behind the camera as a screenwriter and director.

He was executive producer and director of The One I Love in 2014, and worked on shows such as Dear White People, Silicon Valley, On Becoming A God In Central Florida et Dispatches From Elsewhere.

Thanks to his last name, many fans have actually assumed in the past that Charlie is the son of actress Andie MacDowell, despite the different spelling.

Because of this, Charlie has a long-standing Instagram joke that he’s Andie’s son and regularly wishes his “mother” a happy birthday. In 2020, Mary shared a video of her son facing Andie for Mother’s Day….

How did Lily Collins meet Charlie McDowell?

The 32-year-old actress and the 38-year-old filmmaker were first seen together in July 2019. See the article: ‘Riverdale’ season 7: release date, cast and spoilers.. They were pictured walking arm in arm through Los Angeles, with internet detectives determining they had met a few months earlier.

The couple went official on Instagram in August 2019, with Lily sharing a photo from a trip to Paris. It literally wasn’t even visible in the snap, but this was the first time she had shared an image with Charlie and captioned it “always got your back.” “

From that point on, the couple became more and more friendly on social media – posting snaps of special events, holidays and, ultimately, of their amazing engagement in 2020.

When did Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell get engaged?

Lily announced their engagement in September 2020, sharing a series of photos of her bespoke ‘one of a kind rose cut diamond’ ring, made by jeweler Irene Neuwirth. Also read: Minecraft Education Edition 1.17: How to Download and Update the App.

“I’ve been waiting for you all my life and can’t wait to spend our life together,” she wrote on her Instagram page. “The purest joy I have ever felt”.

“In a time of uncertainty and darkness, you have illuminated my life. I will cherish my adventure with you forever, ”added Charlie.

Charlie posed his question in the middle of a beautiful landscape in New Mexico, the perfect place for this outdoor loving couple’s proposal. While the engagement was greeted with joy by fans, the best response came from Mary, Charlie’s mother.

“These two lovers got engaged yesterday! Our family is thrilled to welcome Lily among us. Sincerely, she said hello to us all, ”Mary wrote on Instagram.

“As a mom this is what you dream of for your children… .. to find a soul mate in life who understands you and wants you to be the best that you can be. These two are beaming with joy and they make even this moment in time shine with hope, promise and laughter. I can’t stop smiling! “

When did Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell get married?

“We have officially become for each other forever! Lily said enthusiastically on Instagram in September 2021, after tying the knot in Dunton, Colo.

The ceremony took place at Dunton Hot Springs, Colo., A luxury ranch in a former ghost town from the 1800s. For the wedding, Lily wore a custom Ralph Lauren long-sleeved dress, with intricate white lace and a hooded cape.

“I never wanted to be someone’s someone more than yours, and now I can be your wife.” On September 4, 2021, we officially became each other forever. I love you more than anything, ”she said. “What started as a fairy tale is now my reality forever. I can never correctly describe how out of the ordinary this past weekend was, but Magic is a great place to start. “

Once again, a message of support from Charlie’s mom has been shared – and it’s sweet enough to make you cry!

“Charlie, my son, and Lily, my daughter-in-law!” Mary wrote on Instagram after the wedding. “Thank you for letting us all bask in the pure beauty of your love for each other. My heart is overflowing and I almost feel like the last few days were some kind of a beautiful dream. But this is all very real, and I feel like the luckiest mother in the world. “

Where did Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell spend their honeymoon?

After getting engaged and getting married in outdoor venues, the couple spent an adventurous honeymoon in Scandinavia. They visited the Lofoten Islands in Norway, the wilderness of Swedish Lapland and the urban sites of Copenhagen in Denmark.

“Our honeymoon in Scandinavia may be over, but the adventure certainly isn’t,” Lily wrote on Instagram after their enviable trip.

“I can’t imagine a more memorable and magical first trip as a newlyweds and a way to officially start our life together. There is no one with whom I would rather take a plane jump and a road trip. Here’s for the many more epic experiences to come. “

Is Charlie a fan of Emily in Paris?

But yes ! Not only has Charlie been a staunch supporter of his wife’s hit Netflix series, he and his family did make it to France when filming for Season 2 began in 2021.

Accompanied by Mary and Ted, Charlie stayed in Paris with Lily, who spent four months in the European city. Lily’s mother, Jill Collins, also joined them for part of the stay.

“I feel so lucky to have spent the last few months in this beautiful city,” said Lily. “I leave here filled with so many amazing memories, special moments with my family, endless recognition for our amazing, dedicated and talented team, and another season officially closed! I look forward to sharing it with all of you soon. We’re coming home, but we’re keeping a little part of us here until next time. “

Season 2 of Emily In Paris will be streaming on Netflix from December 22, 2021.

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