Who convinced Bill Murray to be a part of Zombieland

The zombie genre has been significantly revived by the hand of The walking dead, but if it’s about talking about stories that have added a quota of comedy to this type of production, there are two that stand out from the rest. On the one hand, Shaun of the Dead, one of the films that make up the cornet trilogy from Edgar Wright. On the other, it is the land of zombies, who played Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody harrelson and Abigail Spencer.

What was originally intended to be a series eventually turned into a movie. The person responsible for carrying the strings was Ruben Fleischer, who thought he would get a cameo from a megastar of Hollywood he was going to surprise his production with a lot of surprise. This is how the name of Bill Murray, who had a small participation in this story, but it was not the director who was responsible for choosing him.

According to the director of photography Michel Bonvillain To Look who i found, Bill Murray it was not the first choice of the feature film. Rumors were still talking about it Patrick Swayze (who died in the film’s release year) was the ideal production option, but Bonvillain pointed out that in the event that the figure of Groundhog day I told them they weren’t going to look Bruce Willis. But who convinced Invoice join?

“Sometimes I’m in a tent where I see the monitors, everything is dark so there are no reflections. We were at the edge of the highway and I was listening to someone outside ”, He remembered Bonvillain, while noting how boring it was to do your job. Then he realized that it was Woody harrelson, on the phone. “When I started listening, I was talking to Bill Murray. I convinced him to join the film: ‘It’s great, the director is a genius, it’s a great set.’ I heard him convince Invoice join ” , assured the director of photography.

The other zombie movie with Bill Murray

the land of zombies it was not the only time Bill Murray approached the zombie genre. In 2019, Jim Harmusch was in charge of directing a great movie in which they were Adam Pilot and Murray: The dead do not die. The film centers on an event in which the dead begin to come to life and stalk the people of Centerville. It’s a comedy with absurd elements that make it a staple for lovers of racing. Murray.

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Who convinced Bill Murray to be a part of Zombieland