When Meg Ryan Found Aesthetics: How To Reach 60 With Skin Full Of Volume

Just like the scene in which Richard Gere closes the case with the diamond necklace snapping the fingers of Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’, the legendary scene of Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in front of Billy Crystal in the middle of a cafeteria he will haunt the actress throughout his life. Both careers, Julia’s and Meg’s, were born in parallel, even Ryan was the first actress proposed for the role of Vivian who would catapult Julia Roberts to fame, but she rejected the role for not wanting to play a prostitute.

Meg Ryan, in the 1998 premiere of ‘City of Angels’. (Getty)

However, and despite the passing of the years and the accumulation of film successes – in addition to the occasional work stoppage – Meg Ryan can boast of have almost the same face he had in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ back in 1989Proof of this was the anniversary that united the two protagonists of the film in 2019, on the occasion of their 30th anniversary. Billy Crystal seemed to have absorbed all the years that hadn’t passed by Ryan. Of course, instead of assessing that the actress kept her unperturbed physique, the most repeated comments made reference to her abuse of aesthetic medicine.

Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, in 2019 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. (Getty)

As happened to actresses such as Nicole Kidman or Renée Zellweger, the pressure from the sector for women to eliminate any type of age sign from their bodies encouraged the actress to fall into ‘overfill syndrome’, a disorder developed as a consequence from the abuse of fillers. “Mainly, it happens for 3 reasons:

  1. to infiltrate too much hyaluronic acid and probably other fillers,
  2. for injecting it into medial areas of the face such as cheekbones,
  3. because hyaluronic acid injected repeatedly and excessively it can have a stimulating effect on the production of fat in the face, which further accentuates these round faces or ‘squirrel’ faces, as we call them ”, explains María Cudeiro, general director for Iberia at Croma Pharma.
The evolution of Meg Ryan’s face in 2000, 2006, 2008 and 2010. (Getty)

But while Nicole or Renée had to sing an unnecessary ‘mea culpa’ For having abused botox, fillers and surgeries to achieve the unattainable perfection, Meg spread her work until she became an actress who was seen in a photocall every five years. After analyzing the latest images of Ryan, the expert also points to the probability of a disorder: “These patient profiles often suffer from what we call ‘dysmorphophobia’ or, what is the same, an alteration of the perception of oneself, something similar happens with other mental disorders such as anorexia ”. This type of disorder causes the patient not to see his true image in his reflection but rather to project another distorted one.

Meg Ryan, at the 2021 amfAR Gala (Getty)

Although the case of Meg Ryan is not the most dramatic, there are protocols to prevent this abuse of fillers and other aesthetic touch-ups from not exceeding what is recommendedThere is even a regulation of the aesthetic industry that limits the amount of hyaluronic acid that can be infiltrated per patient per year. Another alternative is the treatments in which fillers are located in specific areas, such as Dr. David Romero’s T-frame, which only injects HA in the temporal or mandibular area of ​​the face, so as not to inject too much product into the cheekbones and achieve a tightening effect throughout the facial oval without losing harmony. Another alternative can be use new generation hyaluronic acids or dermal regenerators, which hydrate and create a lifting effect without adding volume or, in the case of botulinum toxin, apply minimum and calculated doses from an ultrasound study to know the real strength of each muscle, before paralyzing it.

The aesthetic explanation of why all Hollywood celebrities age the same

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What has actually been done to the face?

In the freezing of Meg Ryan’s face, in addition to the paralyzing botox, responsible for her forehead being as shiny as it is smooth, there are other substances present. “She is a regular user of botulinum toxin and, in some cases, has made excessive use of it, evidenced by the increased space between eyebrow and eyebrow”Says Dr. Marjorie Garcerant, Nordetia Group Medical Director.

Meg Ryan, in 2019 in the parade of Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2019/2020. (Getty)

Continuing with the rest of the American factions, the height, volume and projection of her cheekbones, with a few plump and prominent cheeks, stands out more thanks to the haircut that Meg always wears, with a fringed fringe at her height. “It has also been used hyaluronic acid of different cross-linking to replenish the volume of the cheekbone and facial contour, something that is evidenced by the consistency of the skin of these areas in the gesticulation ”

Meg Ryan’s full lip and cheek volume are striking in this 2019 photo. (Getty)

And to finish, we come to the lower third of the face. The toxin had been injected there too, “something that is demonstrated by the exaggerated elevation of the commissure when smiling”, They specify. Perhaps it is precisely in this area, specifically on the lips, where it is easier to identify this change. The actress’s characteristic smile, already wide, but with poorly defined lips, has turned into very full lips, which could be explained by the use of hyaluronic acid. “Although initially it is exaggerated, after a few months the adaptation will be more harmonious with respect to the rest of her face,” they comment from Nordetia after seeing some of the last photographs of the actress.

Meg Ryan, in September 2021 at the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. (Getty)

Although the actress had been including the aesthetic retouching in his face gradually during the first years of the decade of the two thousandIt was not until 2008 when his face began to transform in a more striking way. It was just then that her acting career suffered a break of several years, which would keep her away from the spotlight until 2016 when he tried the other side of the camera, directing his eternal companion, Tom Hanks. Again then, his retouching aroused the interest of the public, something that has not contributed to his timid return to the red carpets, now limited only to charity galas -such as the last amfAR- or film anniversaries.


Meg found aesthetic medicine, but the result was not as good as in the end of the film.

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When Meg Ryan Found Aesthetics: How To Reach 60 With Skin Full Of Volume