When is the Napoleon movie with Joaquin Phoenix released?

    The Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies of 2023. And its release date, one of the most desired data. Seeing the award-winning actor bring Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to life on the big screen is something no one will want to miss this year, for sure. Even more so if the film is signed by Ridley Scott, who already directed Phoenix in gladiator, more than twenty years ago. Since then, both the actor and the filmmaker have kept themselves very busy. Scott, despite his age, does not stop chaining projects like the gucci house either the last duel. Phoenix, for his part, has carved out an uncontested career since that interpretation of his as Emperor Commodus. We already have, for example, the first image of Joaquin Phoenix in joker 2But what we want to see—and know—more about is his role as Bonaparte. It is curious that it is another emperor who brings together the director and the actor, who had not worked together since gladiator. And as stated by himself Ridley Scott, Phoenix’s performance as Napoleon is so good that they had to change the movie. Knowing this, surely you want as much as we do to see Joaquin Phoenix in the skin of Napoleon, so we tell you when the film is released.

    ‘Napoleon’, with Joaquin Phoenix: release date of the film

    While rumors about a hypothetical Gladiators 2 (this is what we know about its cast, the plot and the release date), all eyes point to Napoleon. We don’t know if Phoenix, who is such a tight-fisted man, will want to get on the boat to make a sequel to that milestone in historical cinema, but everything indicates that things have not gone badly between him and Scott during the filming of the film about Emperor Bonaparte. Director of Blade Runner He describes his latest collaboration with Phoenix as nothing less than “one of the most challenging acting experiences of my life, but also one of the best.” It was, in fact, during the filming of this film, which at that time was still called kit bagwhen Ridley Scott confirmed that the script for the second part of gladiator was ready and that the film would be his top priority after finishing this latest project.

    But let’s not anticipate: first it has to be released Napoleon. And, as far as we know, the movie isn’t far off. Phoenix finished shooting last spring, and post-production began around May 2022, so there shouldn’t be any delays. In any case, Apple Studios, which produces the film, has not caught its fingers with the release date either: for now, we only know that Napoleon it will premiere sometime in 2023. When, exactly, is still a mystery. While the release arrives, the actor is fully devoting himself to Joker: Folie à Deux, the second installment of the story of the villain of the DC Universe directed by Todd Phillips. the radical Joaquin Phoenix’s physical transformation in the first film earned him an Oscar for his characterWill the same happen with your new project? We will be closer when the final release date of Napoleon. What we do have an idea of ​​is where the Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix film will land: it is expected that Napoleon premieres directly on the Apple TV+ platform.

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When is the Napoleon movie with Joaquin Phoenix released?