When and where to see Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ erotic thriller

Today romance enters ben affleck Yes Jennifer Lopez to all fans of the artists as happy as the couple. But a long time ago, the actor who brought to life Batman in le snyderverse had a brief relationship with Anna of Arms. It was thanks to the shooting of a movie in which they coincided, where they met, played a couple and thus began the brief adventure between them. From now on, they will be seen together again in a film that has changed dates several times due to the pandemic.

It is Deep waters, an erotic thriller centered on the story of a man who, to avoid divorce, allows his partner to experience all the adventures he wishes. Additional spice will be provided by the criminal side of the story, as his wife’s lovers begin to disappear one by one, and he becomes the prime suspect in this criminal network.

The feature film was set to hit theaters next January, but the situation has changed due to the coronavirus, which not only forced its postponement but also caused its release directly via the Diffusion. The industry is still trying to readjust economically from the losses generated by closed rooms in 2020 and, as shown in Deadline, the study behind the project considered that this type of production intended for a more adult audience is generally not ideal.

Thus, the streaming platforms entered into negotiations for the premiere of the new film by ben affleck Yes Anna of Arms. While in the United States, the platform chosen was Hulu, for the rest of the planet it was not Star +, as one would expect given that a large part of the titles of said streaming service arrive via its catalog. Amazon Prime Video will take care of bringing it to the international market, on a date that has not yet been defined.

Ben Affleck’s next film will also be on Amazon Prime Video

Before the arrival of Deep waters, ben affleck will be the main figure of a title which will also be seen by Amazon Prime Video. It is The tender bar, a cassette that tells the memories of the writer and journalist JR Moehringer. tye sheridan brings the adult version of the protagonist to life, while Affleck He puts himself in the place of his uncle, who occupies the role of father figure due to the absence of his biological father, lost between his job and alcoholism. The film will be released on January 7.

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When and where to see Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ erotic thriller