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USA. – Mindy Kaling gave some previews of the production of “Legally blonde 3”. This he did while he was at the premiere of his new series for HBO Max call “The Sex Lives Of Colleges Girls”. The show tells of a group of friends who come to New England to begin their college life.

The actress and producer took advantage of the avant premiere of her latest work to talk about one of the most anticipated projects. Mindy will be in charge of bringing the third installment of one of the most popular films of the early 2000s, the only problem is that the script is still out of date because Reese Witherspoon she is very busy with various jobs in the industry.

The idea of Mindy Kaling is to bring the public a good story that finishes closing the original tape without leaving any loose ends, so he wants to take his time. From the perspective of the comedian, the iconic character of Elle Woods will be involved in politics. Also, it is assumed that she will remain married to Emmett, who was played by Luke Wilson.

Fans of the movie will have to wait a little longer to see the popular character today. Although having Mindy as one of the writers of the story, we can be sure that it will be incredible. The same happens with the show HBO Max where he takes some risks with the chosen scenes; is that the program really aims to show female sexuality in early adulthood in a fun way.

Mindy Kaling He also took the opportunity to talk about one of the great successes of Netflix created by her, we talk about “Never Have I Ever”, which will feature a third season. In it we can see the character of David dating the popular boy from school, Paxton. The problem will be in how they will make the relationship work.

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What’s new! Mindy Kaling talks about the third installment of “Legally Blonde” – The Intranews