What’s behind Nicolas Cage’s masterful performance at The Rock?

Under the direction of Michael Bay (Armageddon (1998), Pearl Harbor (2001) and the franchise of Transformers (2007-present), stars Sean Connery, Nicolas cage and Ed Harris. It was so successful that it was nominated for an Oscar Award.

25 years have passed since its release and the legacy of this film still prevails.

It is known that in the 90s the action genre experienced an interesting resurgence. AND The rock it was the boom of this new era. The figure of the great Hollywood action hero was undergoing changes such as Sylvester Stallone O Arnold Schwarzenegger they were still big stars, but their popularity was no longer the same. And this is where our friend Nic comes into action, literally.

The film grossed about $ 350 million. A great success that made it one of the most popular titles of that summer. Making it clear that where Mr. Cage came in would be a hit. Working together with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, they made great chemistry. So they returned to collaborate on another film that caused a furor; Risk in the Air and years later they would meet again in 60 seconds.

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Professionalism above all.

For director Bay, the action scenes had to look real and during one of the scenes in the prison catacombs, he threw a fire bomb on Connery and Cage. In order to make the sequence go well. Both protagonists had to hold their breath for almost a minute to avoid going out on fire.

It’s worth mentioning that thanks to Nic’s camaraderie and Bay’s great ideas, they made Sean Connery feel so good that he considered the film The rock as the best movie he made in the last decade of the last millennium.

We can say that The rock, was a fundamental film in Cage’s career, presenting himself as an action hero, a clear example of the film Face to face, film that shared credits with John Travolta.

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In “Contracara” John Travolta plays Sean Archer, an anti-terrorist investigator.

Without a doubt, the 90’s were for Nicolas Kim Coppola (Nicolas cage) a stage that managed to boost his career and become one of the most beloved actors by the public and also win several awards such as The Oscar, SAG and Golden Globe.

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What’s behind Nicolas Cage’s masterful performance at The Rock?