What to watch on Netflix: This delicious movie features some wonderful Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and you have just over 48 hours to watch it

Now we pour it all into different types of social networks, calling it content but still being personal moves aimed at a platform, but before all this we had blogs. That phenomenon opened the door to peculiar things that should still have been locked up, although for many it was a method to get even that finally became something much bigger.

We only appreciate all this thanks to the perspective that time brings, although some already saw it coming that this meant an incalculable paradigm shift. One of the most unique cases is a film that is also part biographical film and part cooking film. And it is an undervalued piece that is worth rescuing, perhaps more so than that blog from 15 years ago. It’s about ‘Julie and Julia’, and you have just over 48 hours to see it before i quit netflix after Wednesday the 22nd.

recipes for life

This movie was the last nora ephron was able to write and direct before she passed away in 2012. One of the queens of romantic comedy decided to tackle the project of making the biopic of one of the most popular and fascinating personalities in the history of television How was it Julia Childa television cook who succeeded by making refined French cuisine accessible to the general public.

However, the approach to this figure was unconventional. Instead of a direct biopic with Meryl Streep, despite covering part of her life, the real protagonist is Julie Powell, played by Amy Adams. In addition to Child’s biography, Ephron took details from Powell’s book, based on Powell’s popular blog where he tried to replicate all the recipes published for his vital inspiration and was leaving different reflections in the process.

Following both stories in parallel, Ephron creates interesting connections between both women, separated in time but united by the passion for cooking, in addition to having self-doubts, understanding husbands and projects that many doubted at first. ‘Julie y Julia’ explores interesting vital reflections that arise as these women exploit their culinary desires.

‘Julie and Julia’: cooking to the point

The film is an interesting project by Ephron, whose film career – before that she was a famous writer – had stood out for almost completely redefining the romantic comedy genre with the screenplay for ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or with ‘Something to remember‘. Here are details of that genre, also biopic, but it does not fit easily into any of them. Instead, he finds a very particular space that serves him to narrate exquisitely as well as lightly the story of these two women.

Meryl Streep is a... GODDESS

All this manages to be cooked to the point, thanks to a very well outlined script, a good handling of a story with relatively little at stake or small conflicts, and a well-adjusted tone from the direction. Unfortunately, Ephron couldn’t live long enough to show whether this was an interesting turning point in his career or a fascinating one-off moment. But He left us a special and charming film in the process.

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What to watch on Netflix: This delicious movie features some wonderful Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and you have just over 48 hours to watch it