What to see in ‘streaming’: before ‘The invisible agent’ Chris Evans already played a charismatic villain in this amazing cult film

Despite often being the hero, like in the Captain America movies, the actor has often been on the other side of the fight, like in the terrific ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.’

An amazing film from one of the most ingenious and fun filmmakers of this century, who overflows with passion for video games and their language despite not adapting any. Instead, she adapts a cute graphic novel series by the same name, which also includes action, romance, and indie comedy. It’s about Scott Pilgrim against the world, a cult gem that has gained appreciation over time.

He had to win it, since at the time Edgar Wright’s film was a commercial failure, grossing well below its more than 60 million budget. A sad result, since the movie could not be more fun and recoverablewith a cast that includes big names that would take off later, such as Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson or Chris Evans who plays one of the villains, as he does in the recently released The Invisible Agent.

And we say one of the villains because there are a total of seven. All ex-boyfriends of the captivating Ramona Flowers (Winstead), the crush of young Scott Pilgrim (Cera). Pilgrim is passionate about video games and music, playing bass for a local Toronto band called Sex Bob-omb with whom he hopes to win a regional band contest. At a party he meets Ramona, with whom he instantly falls in love.

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But their relationship will not be easy. In the path will have to face the seven ex-boyfriends who have formed an evil alliance. Literally going head-to-head, as they will start different duels that the movie depicts as classic arcade game fights. These duels will reveal parts of Ramona’s past, and Scott will have to process the information as well as reflect a bit on himself and the direction he should take in life.

That dynamism provided by the language of video games, which is organically incorporated into the action, does this a fast-paced movie. Although he does not neglect the emotion, since he knows how to go through the different ups and downs that are had in the attempt to have a relationship and when you are finishing discovering yourself in the consolidation of adulthood.

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Despite being such a fresh and youthful film, it shows the maturity that Wright is acquiring in many aspects. Also as a filmmaker, giving a more imaginative and equally fresh use to all the audiovisual tools at his disposal. From the special effects to the agile and spontaneous montage of the house. The film is moving all the time, leaving no room for you to get bored.

That is why it is one of the best films of the British director. A powerful whirlwind together, visually stunning and sweeping, but also full of heart and contagious enthusiasm. In addition to very well shot action sequences and a first class original musical selection. Also full of cool little details that you rediscover with the viewings. Pure high energy.

You can see Scott Pilgrim vs. the world through Movistar+.

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What to see in ‘streaming’: before ‘The invisible agent’ Chris Evans already played a charismatic villain in this amazing cult film